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Stage 17

Fuenteroak Stage from Salvatierra to San Pedro de Rozados

km 28,0
Time 07H 00’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 3
Available without an Internet connection

Long walk of about 7 hours and no intermediate population

Information about the stage 17: Fuenteroak Stage from Salvatierra to San Pedro de Rozados

Profile: Fuenteroak Stage from Salvatierra to San Pedro de Rozados

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Points of interest in the stage 17: Fuenteroak Stage from Salvatierra to San Pedro de Rozados

  • 10 Church of San Pedro
  • 9 Albergue El Miliario
  • 8 Transfer to San Pedro de Rozados
  • 7 Arroyo Men2-3
  • 6 Cruz de Santiago (Pico Dueña)
  • 5 Start of path
  • 4 Wooden cross
  • 3 Runway start
  • 2 Albergue parroquial de Fuenterroble de Salvatierra
  • 1 Church of Santa Maria la Blanca

The route

  • Km 0. Fuenteroak de Salvatierra(Hostel. Casa Rural. Bars. Shops)

We left the hostel and threw right onto Rabejal Street and the road to Casafranca. At 1.3 kilometers we left on the right the hard surface of the asphalt, which we exchanged for the soft floor of a wide cattle path under which the road is disguised (Km 1.3). Some oaks spread in the grass and two fences of wire and concrete define the width of the cordel, which in one hour will take us to the stream of Navalcuervo (Km 6).

After a short echo we will reach a oak where a wooden cross and a hut built with branches rise. Between the oaks and after a portilla we turn left and a hundred meters later right. Some arrows in the cancelation of the finca invite us to enter, although it is better to continue abroad, always in parallel to the fence. We will walk field through, with reference to the wire fence and arrows painted on the stones. As soon as another cancel occurs, the runway becomes more apparent (Km 8.5).

Advancing through it we will reach a crossroads (Km 10.2). The one on the left is directed to Navarredonda de Salvatierra, but we continue forward and climb for another kilometer until we take a path that appears on the runway, on the left hand, at this point, at the height of a Canadian step there is an information sign that offers us the possibility of going to the town of Morille without ascending to the peak of the owner by the localities of Pedrosillo de los Aires and Rubio On this path we began the final ascension to the Pico de la Dueña, at 1,169 meters altitude and crowned by a cross of Santiago that was responsible for raising the parish priest of Fuenteroak, Blas Rodríguez. The ascension to the peak, the highest point from Seville, is not the most reliable to the Roman way, as it is unlikely that its path will be raised here. It's over three and a half kilometers, not very hard. As far as the wind turbines are concerned, the climb seems to be over, but there will still be a bit to the top. Next to the cross there is an excellent place to taste the vines recreating us with the views of the charro field (Km 14,8).

We descend in the middle of the stand by a loose stone path linking to DSA-204 (Km 15,9). We will follow her next to the dehesa La Dueña, where they breed bulls of lidia. Not in vain we are in the charro field, salmantine region famous for its livestock. Later on we will be able to avoid the friction of the asphalt by walking through some of the rounds that emerge on the left of the road. We will reach the bridge over the creek Menigas (Km 20,9).

Two hundred meters later there is the finca Calzadilla del Menigas, cradle of the Brava cattle ranching Montalvo. Our road periplo extends for 4 kilometers of fake plain until reaching a sign signaling San Pedro de Rozados (Km 25.5). We left the road on the left and, after a repeat and its consequent descent, we reached this town.

  • Km 28. San Pedro de Rozados (Hostels. Rural Tourism Centre. Bars. Store. Bakery. Pharmacy)

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