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Automatic translation

At the EROSKI Foundation we have always considered it important to adapt our content proposal to the multilingual reality of the society with which we have an obligation. For years, the printed journal Consumer EROSKI has been published monthly in Spanish, Basque, Galician and Catalan, and a significant part of the digital content is also offered in the four languages.

Now, through the joint project between the EROSKI Foundation and the Elhuyar Foundation, we incorporate multilingualism in the web portal www.consumer.es. The synergy between the Elhuyar Foundation (a pioneer in research and development of translation technologies) and the EROSKI Foundation (with a corpus of world-leading consumer content) has been fruitful. The collaboration between the two entities has allowed the incorporation of an innovative technological solution that allows access to the contents of www.consumer.es in Spanish, Basque, Catalan and Galician.

At the EROSKI Foundation and at the Elhuyar Foundation we are convinced that the reader will find a linguistically satisfactory text, which will mean a before and a after in the availability of digital resources and content on consumption, appropriate to the linguistic reality of our society. Nor do we doubt that the reader will be able to contextualize the possible errors in translation, inevitable in a project of these characteristics.