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Which St James’ Way should I choose? Let us help you!

The new Eroski Consumer St James’ Way guide helps you choose the route that is best suited to your goals and preferences

Congratulations, you have already made the most important decision: to do the St James’ Way! From now on, you will have many questions to answer: which route to take, where to sleep, what to see, etc. We are here to help. The new EROSKI CONSUMER St James’ Way Guide contains more information and new updated details to enable you to choose the Way that is best suited to you. We will do our best to resolve all your questions and doubts about which route to take in accordance with your physical condition, the best route to choose in accordance with the time you have available or, for example, the most interesting route for avid architecture and history enthusiasts.

Ultreia and buen camino!

The Camino de Santiago

Number of Ways and stages

The St James’ Way was always (and still is) the oldest, most travelled and most celebrated pilgrim trail on the old continent. It comprises 12 officially recognised routes or Ways, although there are more. These 12 Ways contain a total of 172 stages, all waiting for pilgrims to explore them on their journey to Santiago de Compostela. In total, over 1,500 km, full of yellow arrows, stunning landscapes and fascinating legends.

However, not all Ways are the same. Each has its own difficulties and is characterised by a specific type of terrain and walking surface. Some Ways follow mountain paths or tracks, others travel along tarmacked roads and many combine steep climbs (the famous ‘leg-breakers’) and descents that require a certain amount of training if you want to avoid tendinitis and muscular problems that may make it hard for you to finish.