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Stage 8

Stage from Laza to Xunqueira de Ambía

km 32,7
Time 08H 30’
Difficulty High
Hostels 4
Available without an Internet connection

Ascension of Monte Requeixada to Alberguería with strong slopes

Information about the stage 8: Stage from Laza to Xunqueira de Ambía

Profile: Stage from Laza to Xunqueira de Ambía

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Points of interest in the stage 8: Stage from Laza to Xunqueira de Ambía

  • 15 Collegiate of Santa Maria la Real
  • 14 Albergue de peregrinos de Xunqueira de Ambía
  • 13 Padroso
  • 12 Vilar de Gomareite
  • 11 Vault
  • 10 Church of San Pedro Fiz
  • 9 Albergue de peregrinos de Vilar de Barrio
  • 8 Wooden cross
  • 7 Pilgrim's Corner
  • 6 Chapel of the Assumption
  • 5 Capilla
  • 4 Soutelo Verde
  • 3 Road OU-113
  • 2 Church of St. Xoan Baptist
  • 1 Albergue de peregrinos de Laza

The route

  • Km 0. Laza(Hostel. Pension. Bars. Shops. Pharmacy)

From the hostel we descend to a alley located next to the church of San Xoan. We arrived at Praza da Picota and lined the street that leads us to pass by a cruise and that reaches the foot of the OU-113 (km 1.7). We took it and at 800 meters, in the diversion to Vilamea, we left it momentarily to cross the Támega River. The asphalt is taken back to the first population:Soutelo Verde. To date, he called attention to a sign with the inscription “Granada 888”.

  • Km 4. Soutelo Verde

We cross the population to go back to the road, which we then left followed by a trail that leads between growing plots to Tamicelas.

  • Km 6.9. Tamicelles

Next to the 18th chapel we turn left and climb a paved path that soon becomes a carpeted path of pine needles. After the first crossing begins the hardest section and at each step we are gaining altitude by the steep slope of Mount Requeixada. The gap is constant during the first mile and a half, but then it attends a little. The ascension is quite long in the final part, where we see clearly, at the bottom left, the road we have left in Soutelo. We retake it in the upper (Km 11) to enter Alberguería. Here, under the name of El Rincón del Peregrino, Luis Sande runs a hostel with 24 seats and also a bar decorated in all its corners by the vieiras signed by the pilgrims.

  • Km 12.2. Swimming pool(Hostel. Bar)

He leaves the village on a comfortable herbose path, which is usually watered with ease, and after a kilometer long we cross a road to return to the road and then to the OU-113. We cross it to take another path that leads us to a wooden cross located on Mount Talariño. It is located at 970 meters altitude, the highest level of this day (Km 15.1). We continue to descend until we reach the OU-113 road which we follow shortly after leaving it on the left and so we decisively start the first descent by paved runway for later by land until we reach the OU-1104 road which we follow until Vilar de Barrio.

  • Km 19.3. Vilar de Barrio(Hostel. Bars. Shops. Pharmacy)

We cross this municipality passing by the church of San Pedro Fiz and continue by road towards Vault, parish to which we arrived after a kilometer and a half. It is evident here that the change of landscape and the relative proximity of capital completely affect the way of life of the population. Forgotten the mountain villages, we find more inhabited towns, less stubborn architecture and dedicated to agricultural tasks. This is also shown by the early Hórdia.

  • Km 21,5. Vault

We crossed Vault and then arrived to Vilar de Gomareite (Km 22.5). We go off the paved runway and half a kilometer we turn left to catch another runway. It transits through a natural wetland already dried in the 1950s. The line has a length of three and a half kilometers. We will finally turn right to reach Bobadela.

  • Km 27.7. Bobadela

More horrors and the incombustible Galician berzas cultivated next to the houses. We leave Bobadela on a path that goes up to the right hand and moves between a mass of oaks. He then moves left and crosses a road to enter Padroso (Km 28,8). It leaves by the Cairn marking 133,077 to Santiago and immediately after a water pylon you have to turn left hand. We go up, we cross a somewhat wider road and we come a step between a few corners. We pay attention to the descent and continue along a path along a small row of eucalyptus that give way to Cima de Vila.

  • Km 30.4. Cima de Vila

We turn right without just contacting the core and we go out on a path that leads to cross a track and to continue forward. We cross a road, we pass by a ship and we continue to descend to the following population:Quintela (Km 31.9). Already by road we take the diversion from the right to the pilgrim hostel, to which we arrived in 600 meters.

  • Km 32.7. Xunqueira de Ambía(Hostel. Bars. Shops. Pharmacy)

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