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Stage 5

Stage from Pola de Allande to La Mesa

km 22,8
Time 06H 00’
Difficulty High
Hostels 6
Available without an Internet connection

Puerto del Palo requires effort because of its high level

Information about the stage 5: Stage from Pola de Allande to La Mesa

Profile: Stage from Pola de Allande to La Mesa

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Points of interest in the stage 5: Stage from Pola de Allande to La Mesa

  • 10 The Bureau
  • 9
  • 8 Lake
  • 7 Montefurado
  • 6 Puerto del Palo
  • 5
  • 4 Albergue de Peñaseita
  • 3 Hotel Nueva Allandesa
  • 2 Consistorial Building
  • 1 Cienfuegos Palace

The route

The ascent to Puerto del Palo, from the chestnuts that populate the valley bottom to the breezes and tojos of the upper reaches, is recorded forever. Undoubtedly, the highest level of the Primitive Way is undoubtedly, along with the Hospital Route, one of the most rewarding days of the entire pilgrimage.

  • Km 0. Pola de Allande (All services)

We leave La Puela on the main avenue, America first and then Galicia, where most of the establishments are concentrated. Already through the AS-14 we went by a gas station and later pasting to the place of El Mazo (Km 1.1) (Bar). After a kilometer of the gas station we left the road to take a path that goes down to the Nisón river, tributary of the Narcea. Already impressive the passing through Hospitals, the ascent to the port of Palo does not discredit at all. The path ascends gently next to the places of El Teixu and El Colobréu and reaches the diversion to the hostel of Peñaseita, which is at the foot of the AS-14 a few meters from the bar Casa Viñas.

  • Km 3.2. Diversion Hostel of Peñaseita (Hostel. Bar)

If we are not going to spend the night, we go through the detour and go under acebos and not a few timber. We will cross Fonpharaoh's trail through the bridge of the Xestu Molín (Km 4) and pass another stream and along several collapses before reaching the dwelling of La Reigada.

  • Km 5.3. La Reigada

In these payments the valley narrows even further and the rise starts to be more than evident. Loneliness, just 200 meters from the road, absolute. Above, a couple of wooden bridges help us to cross the stream under a forest populated by blueberry plants (Km 6.4) . We'll save another trail before we go up to AS-14, but it'll be only a hundred meters of asphalt. We leave the road on the right to take a stony path that is a real stick. The rhythm decreases as we reach the hillside and then a herbose path between a mass of pines. We pass under the line of high tension and encouragement, the top is already a step away.

  • Km 8.8. Puerto del Palo (Mobile bar in season)

Right at the top, along a path that converges from the right, the pilgrims who come from Borres are incorporated by the Hospital Route. After the spectacular initial climb we started the descent by a stony trot from which we already saw Montefurado. We cross the AS-14 at p.k. 31 and resume the descent through a less rough path that advances between the screwdriver.

  • Km 10.5. Montefurado

Montefurado is the solitary town that seems to emerge from the mountain and that well looks like the decor of a film, with its houses in slate stone. The house had a pilgrim hospital. Today, the chapel of Santiago, with a picturesque size of the Apostle, some chickens, a mastín and its owner are the only vital signs in several kilometers round. After a short break, we must turn to Texu de Lago.

A wall is drawn by a gate, where a beautiful red berry bush grows, and we go up to the Sesto de la Fuente. At the top we surpass a portilla and descend to the AS-14 (km 12,9). Our path progresses to the left of it, bordering a hillside to reach Lago. At the entrance, after the cemetery, a sovereign tile grows next to the parish church of Santa Maria. We went up to AS-14.

  • Km 14.5. Lake

From Lake to Berducedo mediate about four smooth kilometers. We left the road on the right and soon crossed the road to Corondeño. The sites of El Chao and La Llanada once again reach AS-14 (km 15.8). We drove through it for about a kilometer to leave it next to the left shoulder. Under a pinar we head to Berducedo, parish of the Council of Allande and another alternative at the end of the stage thanks to its services and its already three hostels.

  • Km 18.2. Berducedo (Hostels. Bars. Store)

We head to La Mesa passing next to the church of Santa Maria, guarded by another sovereign tile (Taxus baccata). Sacred to Celtic peoples, this species is usually planted alongside cemeteries and religious buildings, as its extreme longevity gives it an immortal character. A runway and subsequent ascending path, also balized as GR-109, distances us from Berducedo, providing us with a beautiful image of this parish of the Council of Allande. High, half a kilometer from the Prima Madera Hill, turn left. A wild pine sketch (i>Pinus sylvestris) leads to the local road heading to La Mesa, parish of the council of Grandas de Salime (Km 20,4). In eonaviego, Asturian Galician or commonly Fala is called A Mesa. Before reaching the pilgrim hostel we visited the parish of Santa Maria Magdalena, in the late 17th century.

  • Km 22.8. La Mesa (Hostel)

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