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Stage 6

Stage from The Table to Grandas de Salime

km 16,8
Time 04H 30’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 3
Available without an Internet connection

Short journey marked by 8 kilometers down. Better with sticks!

Information about the stage 6: Stage from The Table to Grandas de Salime

Profile: Stage from The Table to Grandas de Salime

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The route

  • Km 0. La Mesa (Hostel. Store in season)

We resumed from the same hostel the local track that brought us to La Mesa. We faced a level of 150 meters, surrounding the rock of the Coriscos, nailed by a large line of windmills. After the high we descend to Buspol.

  • Km 2.3. Buspol

Next to the farm is the chapel of Santa Marina, austera and at the same time beautiful stone construction and slate slices. In all probability he was part of the pilgrims' hospital cited in this place. The bell of the 14th century is no longer filling the spaghetti. However, through the door we can see the three colorful sizes that make up the altarpiece. Passing through the posterior cancel began the long descent to the Navia river basin. As we lose meters, Grandas de Salime will be diluted from our panorama.

Ahead 760 meters of negative slope to the same Salime dam. We lose height on the hillside, covered with hot springs and low mountain and a pinar of repopulation. About 45 minutes later, from Buspol, follow a section of false plain with some slides by forest runway. Left hand is the diversion that was taken years ago to cross the reservoir on motorboat from the nearby anegate town of Salime (Km 5,9). A kilometer later, on a bend and on the hillside, there is a slice, a circular stone wall that serves to protect the beehives of bears (Km 6,9). A bit later we passed by a cross and 400 meters later, Hey!, we took the left hand detour that plunges us into a splendid chestnut (8.1).

After several laps and riots we end up in the AS-14, which we continue towards the dam. Before reaching it we can enter the Boca de la Ballena, a hanging viewpoint designed by Vaquero Turcios that offers spectacular views of the barrier 128 meters high. Then we finally crossed this reservoir opened in 1953.

  • Km 10. Salime Reservoir (Hotel-Bar-Restaurant 1 km later)

The AS-14 will guide our steps over the next 4.5 kilometers. A kilometer later we will walk next to the Hotel Las Grandas, located in the place of Vistalegre (Km 11,1). We will pass the miles of asphalt abstracted by the environment and, about 200 meters past the diversion to Pénjamo, we left the AS-14 on the left (Km 14,5). The outburst of a very steep sidewalk gives way to a bucolic wooded path that leads to Grandas de Salime. Taking the first detour to the right we entered the avenue of Ferreiro, next to the Ethnographic Museum, and reached the City Hall, where the old hostel was. To address the current one must take to the right the Avenida de la Costa (AS-12).

  • Km 16.8. Grandas de Salime (All services)

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