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Stage 6

Stage from Gernika to Lezama

km 21,8
Time 05H 15’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 5
Available without an Internet connection

The initial ascent to the Bilikario may be a little hard

Information about the stage 6: Stage from Gernika to Lezama

Profile: Stage from Gernika to Lezama

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The route

  • Km 0. Gernika (All services)

From the youth hostel you have to go to the center of Gernika by Calle San Bartolomé. We passed through the river and the tracks and 150 meters later folded left onto January 8th street. We take the second mouthpiece on the right, Artekale Street (in the middle), we go to the Tourist Office and we access the Foru Square, where the municipality is located. We access the solemn Gothic church of Santa Maria by stairs. After his cover we continued on the left by Allende Salazar Street and shortly to the right by Santa Klara to reach the House of Joints, neoclassical style and located where the chapel of Santa Maria la Antigua was located and the famous oak of Gernika, where the Lord of Bizkaia swore his office and currently also the Lehendakari. The oldest tree was planted in the 14th century and has been replaced several times, the last in 2005. We surround the ensemble and access under an arch, passing Allende Salazar College (here the Bizkaia Association enables a hostel some summers), and turn left to stay ahead for a nice bit of the Zearreta and Mestikabaso streets. In this area we have several sources to fill the container. Finally we turn right down the street and reach the chapel of St. Lucia, located in the Zallo neighborhood. It was part of the possessions of the Mezeta-Allende Salazar family next to the farmhouse, the mill and the ferreria.

  • Km 2.2. Hermitage of Saint Lucia

We follow the paved runway, passing the Mikene stream, and patiently begin the ascent to Monte Bilikario, well surrounded by vegetation and with abundant stone at the beginning. The forest track saves a slope of 260 meters. During the effort we only have to pay attention to a well-marked deviation, which we follow on the left hand after Gerekiz (km 5.2). Later we saved a portillo and went down to villages in the rural district of Pozueta, belonging to the municipality of Muxika. One of them usually has a fountain outdoors for the relief of walkers.

  • Km 5.6. Pozueta (Accommodation)

A section of asphalt leads us to pass by a finca where a good number of donkeys pace and the Camino passes to the jurisdiction of the municipality of Morga. Below we avoid the BI-2121 for an underground step, just where we have the diversion to the Meakaur hostel, which marks 2.3 kilometers.

  • Devío hostel Meakaur

After the passage we went to the road heading to Eskerika. At the entrance is the hermitage of San Esteban de Gerekiz, right on one of the itineraries followed by the former lords of Bizkaia to swear and respect the outings (Km 7,9). We continue along this road to the height of the Landotz farmhouse, with a pediment, where we take a forest track that goes to the right (cyclists are advised to continue along the road). After a descent and a subsequent climb we went back to the road, which we took on the right under eucalyptus, and surrounded the hamlet Pepiena. At 250 meters from here is the Eskerika hostel, where we can turn away to stay or if we need to replenish forces.

  • Km 10.3. Hostel Eskerika

Several tracks lead to the BI-2713, a road that we must follow without any remedy (Km 13). We descend on the left, towards Goikoelexalde and Larrabetzu. The road has a lot of traffic but at least the arches are copious. In the Astoreka district (Km 15), belonging to Larrabetzu, we left the road (Look at the diversion!) on the left to introduce us on a narrow covered path that converges on a runway. We passed next to Luciaren Etxea, a small farm where the green eggs chickens are free. Next to the Zugasti stream we cover the last stretch to Goikoelexalde, where we receive the church of San Emeterio and San Celedonio, of sturdy tower and surrounded by a porch. This neighborhood of Larrabetzu is the first nucleus with bar of the day (Km 17.1) .

  • Km 17.1. Goikoelexalde (Bar)

The beautiful double-sided cruise puts us back on the road BI-2713, which we continue to Larrabetzu. In the town there are detailed information panels where the Juradera Route is explained in detail. In 2017, from April 9 to October 15, the Group of Volunteer Hospitalers of the Camino de Santiago for Bizkaia manages in Larrabetzu the pilgrimage hostel that occupies the upper part of the outpatient clinic.

  • Km 18.5. Larrabetzu (Hostel. Bars. Shops. Pharmacy. ATM)

Be careful because the itinerary does not reach the church of Santa Maria, on horseback between the baroque and the neoclassical, but is diverted to the right following the road to Lezama. In summer and with sun it is another stretch due to the absence of shadows and the kilometers already accumulated. The hostel in Lezama, which opens only in the summer months (see full hostel listing), is enabled at the Uribarri Civic Center, on Garaiotza Street, 133 (Km 21.8).

  • Km 21.8. Lezama (All services)

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