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Stage 7

Lezama to Bilbao stage

km 11,2
Time 02H 45’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 12
Available without an Internet connection

Bilbao awaits the pilgrim after exceeding the level of 320 meters

Information about the stage 7: Lezama to Bilbao stage

Profile: Lezama to Bilbao stage

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The route

  • Km 0. Lezama (All services)

We leave Lezama the same way we enter, next to the BI-637. Under the planes of the next airport of Loiu we pass through the different neighborhoods of the town, such as Aretxalde, where is the church of Santa Maria, Gothic of the 16th century that retains inside the table of the anteiglesia where the old communities of the municipality met. We also passed the detour to the stately tower of Lezama and after the baroque humiliation of the Holy Christ we moved to the La Cruz neighborhood. The nearby presence of the large city begins to draw a landscape where polygons, gas stations and marquees mingle that approach us to Zamudio. At the height of the church of San Martin, in the neighborhood of Arteaga the itinerary rotates 90 degrees to the left. Right behind the church is the tower of the Marquis of Malpica, where we can stop reading the informative panels, which among other things describe the foods consumed during the middle ages.

  • Km 3. Zamudio (All Services)

After the turn we approached the industrial estate Pinoa, which we traversed on the slope to later take a path that leads us on the corridor of the Txorierri, a three-lane road by sense on a section of the N-637 that surrounds the northern and eastern part of the Gran Bilbao (Km 4.3) . We cross it down a bridge and turn right to take a beautiful path between deciduous ends that continues the ascent to the mountain. Then it links to a paved runway that runs through the dispersed neighborhood of San Antolín. We went next to the restaurant Amairu Aretxeta where a viewpoint allows to see behind the meadows the Technological Park of Zamudio, Derio and Erandio. The Camino de Santiago then reaches the road BI-3732 (Km 6,7).

It is followed 60 meters on the left and crosses to take a road that covers the final meters of ascent over the Zamudian road, an old royal road from Bermeo. We crowned Mount Avril, also called Iturritxualde (the royal peak is slightly above the Camino, 382 meters high). A park and a recreational area allow for visual rest and recuperation before we enter the city.

  • Km 7.3. Monte Avril (Recreation area)

After the residence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus we get another panorama of Bilbao and cross a pedestrian bridge over the BI-631 (Km 8.8) . Let us tour the district of Begoña through the streets Camino de Atxeta, Grupo Arabella and Zabalbide before reaching the basilica of the Virgen de Begoña, the 16th century work on an old hermitage that welcomes the patron saint of Bizkaia. A replica of the pilgrimage image throughout the province in 1949 and the original height passed through Bilbao on the occasion of disasters, epidemics and liturgical events (Km 10) .

We head down from the main entrance to Andra Mari street, marked with yellow and blue tiles and the drawing of the vieira that we will find in the urban itinerary, to the Mallona Crossing, where it is best to avoid the stairs on the road. The Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago de Bizkaia is located opposite number 5. The roads of Mallona lead to the busy Plaza Miguel de Unamuno. We walk out the streets of La Cruz and Tendería and the Gothic Cathedral of Santiago stands on one side. His works began in the 14th century in the place of the old church and were extended for two more centuries.

  • Km 11.2. Bilbao (All services)

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