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Stage 13

Outeiro to Santiago

km 16,3
Time 04H 00’
Difficulty Low
Hostels 19
Available without an Internet connection

16 kilometers that will approach Santiago via Concello de Boqueixón

Information about the stage 13: Outeiro to Santiago

Profile: Outeiro to Santiago

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Points of interest in the stage 13: Outeiro to Santiago

  • 11 Residencia de Peregrinos San Lázaro
  • 10 Albergue Acuario de Santiago de Compostela
  • 9 Plaza del Obradoiro
  • 8 Cathedral
  • 7 Ponte do Sar
  • 6 Piñeiro
  • 5 Deseiro de Arriba
  • 4 Rubial village
  • 3 Cruise
  • 2 Capilla de Santiaguiño
  • 1 Albergue de peregrinos de Outeiro

The route

  • Km 0. Outeiro(Hostel)

Today, with no streets to cross, no traffic lights to cross, we started our last process from this privileged watchtower with eucalyptus odor. From the hostel, on the right, we retake the broad path that is internalized in the foremost of Vedra. It will be the last untouched environment that leaves us to Santiago. At two kilometers, after always moving forward, we passed one track to reach another asphalt in short. Next to the upright cruise, leaving Ardarís ahead and thus entering the parish of Lestedo and the Concello de Boqueixón (Km 3), we turn ninety degrees to the right hand and continue on the asphalt floor.

As we pass through the football field of Lestedo we can see on our right a hill that rises to a height of 530 meters: the Pico Sacro. This otero, from the top of which the towers of the Cathedral of Santiago are visible, is linked to the Transatio, the legend appearing in the Codex Calixtino on the conduct of the body of the Apostle from the port of Jaffa to Compostela. According to the story, on the slopes of this sacred mountain were the two horns that were loved by their disciples and later tied to the chariot that would drive the ark to the forest of Libredon. Just 400 meters from the Camino is the interpretation center with interactive and thematic information on the Pico Sacro (information expanded in the comments section). Surrounded by a rosary of dwellings with their corresponding claws, we reach a point where the arrows encourage us to follow forward and the Jacobean mojón to turn right. Without hesitation, we follow the latter to reach Rubial.

  • Km 4.1. Rubial

We went with an almond pazo. Next to him is a granite cruise whose pedestal is circular and has the images of Christ on the obverse and the Painful Virgin on the reverse. As soon as you leave it, you have to turn left and go down to a road, which we cross to continue in front. Surrounded by a large grassland setting we reached a step under the train tracks and continued to cross a bridge and enter a corner in Deseiro de Arriba, belonging to the largest parish of Boqueixón, Sergude.

  • Km 5.8. Deseo de Arriba(Bar 200 mt from the Camino)

We are soon aware of the rodeo we are giving, as we go to a junction and turn left as if we were going back. In 150 meters, we turn right now, and we move up to the village of A Gándara. We continue with a sawmill and after several crossings we reach the AC-960. We turn left and reach the junction of the N-525, after which we enter A Susana.

  • Km 7.6. To Susana (Bar a few meters from the Camino)

We access a slightly narrow street and, after a rodeo, we cross a road and, together with a small merchant, we pass under the N-525. Then we saved a stream and turned left. We climbed by paved runway and soon turned to the right (the countdown of the Jacobean cairn already marks only 7,998 kilometers to Santiago). Comforted by this nice figure we will reach the place of Cañoteira de Marrozos (Km 8.6). We passed a bridge over the train tracks and, after twisting to the left, we incited a strong echo. In the descent we enjoy wide views of the valley, splintered with urbanizations that are discovered by its slopes. Santiago is intubated very close. In the descent we turn right and then left to cross the railways and enter Vixoi, of the Concello Santiagués.

  • Km 10. Vixoi

Later we arrived to the chapel of Saint Lucia, located at the lowest level of the day. Two hundred meters later we arrived to Piñeiro (Km 11,9), where we face the hill of Camiño Real Street in Piñeiro, which soon becomes the road. Always up we're going to cross the AP-9 and then down the tracks. It is disturbing to go over the place of the tragic railway accident on 24 July 2013. Requiescant in pace. A moment of reflection, prayer and rest to enter Angrois.

  • Km 13.3. Angrois (Bars)

We climb the Camiño Real de Angrois and, after crossing a road, we take the paved floor of the Sar road. At the front, not far away, the clear view of the towers of the Cathedral of Santiago. After more than a thousand kilometers traveled, say whatever you say, even the coldest person can't avoid the adrenaline rush that that entails. So, with the heart a thousand an hour, we reached the rustic da Ponte do Sar and crossed the bridge (Km 14,9).

We face the harsh climb of the rustic do Sar and the rustic do Castron Douro. After the last great effort we reached the high and, in the absence of arrows pointing to the arrival, we crossed the street and passed under the arc of the Porta de Mazarelos, the only door of the old wall that resists standing. So we got to the Praza da Universidade and we continued in front of the rustic da Caldeirería. We took the first mouthpiece on the left, the rustic descending of Xelmírez, and followed it to enter the praza das Praterías, located next to the facade of the cathedral’s treasure. The final steps lead us towards the praza do Obradoiro. Here, where all the roads and pilgrims of the world come together, after 368 kilometers from Granja de Moreruela or 980 from Seville, the trip comes to an end.

  • Km 16.3. Santiago de Compostela (All services)

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