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Stage 7

Stage of Torres del Río to Logroño

km 20,0
Time 04H 40’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 11
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Although it is very sad to leave Navarre behind, you can already see La Rioja.

Information about the stage 7: Stage of Torres del Río to Logroño

Profile: Stage of Torres del Río to Logroño

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Points of interest in the stage 7: Stage of Torres del Río to Logroño

  • 10 Catedral de Santa María de la Redonda de Logroño
  • 9 Bridge over the Ebro River
  • 8 Provincial boundary Navarra / La Rioja
  • 7 Ermita Vigen de Cuevas
  • 6 Alberguería Andrés Muñoz
  • 5 Church of Santa Maria
  • 4 Casa Consistorial
  • 3 Bargout Road
  • 2 Ermita de la Virgen del Poyo
  • 1 Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The route

  • Km 0. Torres del Río (Hostels. Bar. Store. ATM)

We leave Torres del Río on the top and its last streets give way to a trail that in turn gives way to a later road. It ends by hardening and winding the path of the NA-1110 (old N-111), a road that we cross in full climb to reach the hermitage of the Virgen del Poyo (Km 2,7). The shrine, in sillarejo and very sober, was built in the sixteenth and renovated during the baroque and nineteenth century.

  • Km 2.7. Virgen del Poyo


We go back down to the NA-1110 and follow it until we exit the curve, where we take a road that goes up to a secondary road that goes to Bargout (Km 3,6). We went ahead along the road and left it a hundred meters later to catch a track. Thanks to it we can descend more comfortable the ravine of Cornava, a level of over 125 meters resulting from water erosion. Not everything is clay, here, repopulation pines and some fruit trees grow, and at the bottom of the ravine there are geometric plots of vineyards and olive groves nourished by the semi-arid land.

  • Barranco de Cornava (Santa Week Bar to October 8 to 15 hours). Telephone: 652 183 765.


At the bottom of the pit we continue between slides and paying attention to the crossings. Our route is the one of the NA-1110 and therefore it is not surprising that we end walking through it (Km 7.5). After a kilometer of asphalt we left and continued parallel to the road to the entrance of Viana. We advance to the center of the population through the streets El Cristo, La Pila, the portal of the Trinidad, the Plaza del Coso, where is the Balcony of Bulls and, finally, the Calle Mayor, which leads to the plaza de los Fueros. Here the City Hall and the Church of Santa Maria are quoted, frontline and proud of their original Renaissance front.

  • Km 10.5. Viana (All Services)


We leave Viana by Ricardo Campano College and by a track between orchards we will cross the NA-7220. Later on we will do the same with the NA-1110 and we will also continue by track until the hermitage of the Virgen de Cuevas (Km 13.3). If someone needs a break you should know that behind the hermitage there is a nice wooded area with tables and a fountain. The day passes between cultivation fields and, when we reach the height of a signal indicating El Bordón Observatory, Laguna de las Cañas (Km 14,6), we turn right to briefly enter a pine tree.

Then we cross the road, eye, and continue down the slope next to another mass of pines until we approach the trash of the Ebro, where the provincial boundary is located. Navarre, which has accompanied us for 142 kilometres, cedes its turn to La Rioja. A stone cairn with the old inscription - province of Logroño - confirms it (Km 15,9).

From here it will be a walker who guides us to the Riojana capital. We entered Logroño by the stone bridge over the Ebro, of 1884 but built on reforms of the primitive who rose in the 11th century by Santo Domingo de la Calzada and San Juan de Ortega. After the driveway, the roundabout and turn right onto Rua Vieja street, where the municipal hostel is located.

  • Km 20. Logroño (All Services)


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