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Stage 4 by Somport

Ruesta to Sangüesa stage

km 21,8
Time 05H 30’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 3
Available without an Internet connection

Before you reach Sangüesa do not stop photographing the swamp of Yesa

Information about the stage 4 by Somport: Ruesta to Sangüesa stage

Profile: Ruesta to Sangüesa stage

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Points of interest in the stage 4 by Somport: Ruesta to Sangüesa stage

  • 9 Vallesantoro Palace
  • 8 Santa Maria la Real
  • 7 Provincial limit. Navarra
  • 6 Church of St. Martin de Tour
  • 5 Roman paved or paved road
  • 4 Alto
  • 3 View of the Yesa reservoir
  • 2 Ermita de Santiago
  • 1 Church of Santa Maria

The route

  • Km 0. Ruesta (Hostel. Bar)

On the raised road of Ruesta and looking back to contemplate the last panorama of a town of the recent past, colonized by the tree mass and refusing to succumb to ruin and total depopulation, we descend to a walkway supported by stone pillars that allows to save the Regal River. After the campsite or rather what was of him, already closed, we arrived next to the chapel of Santiago, Romanesque temple abandoned to his fate. As he passes through the hermitage, a forest track is taken by the witness, who will be in charge of guiding our steps on the climb to Monte Fenerol. There is no loss. Attention should only be paid to a deviation of 90 degrees to the left which may go unnoticed (km 2.7).

Taken the detour, the rise contained hardens greatly. As we gain height, the forest remains at our feet and we can delight ourselves with a nice panoramic view of the Yesa swamp, the depopulation of Tiermas - which like Ruesta was forcibly abandoned by its neighbors when they built the reservoir - and the rocky barrier of the Leyre mountain. Reached the high (Km 6.4) we crossed a paved runway and followed by it 100 meters to the left. We then take the broad path that emerges to the right. The Navarre peak of Arangoiti (1,356 mt), at the bottom to the right and crowned by its repeaters, dominates Leyre. We began to descend on an open ground where medium-mountain rasa vegetation is mixed with cereal sows. Undúes de Lerda is still five kilometres away. When you finally see your medieval stamp of terrifying tones, you just unintentionally wake up. At one point we left the runway and faced the vaguada by a trocha (cyclists should continue along the runway). After a stretch of Roman road we are required a toll to enter Undués: an arduous repecho. The road to the bar and hostel, to date of the best preparations of the Aragonese Road, is marked.

  • Km 11.3. Undués de Lerda (Hostel. Bar-Shop)

The second stage presents a more favorable terrain. We walk away from Undués by a path that opens way between the shrubland and descends down the mountain ridge. After crossing the road heading to Undués we then link with another path (prone to embarrassment) until reaching the information panel we welcome to Navarra. Aragon is coming to an end and, according to GPS data, we have already advanced 98.8 kilometers from Somport (Km 14.6).

At the front, at the bottom, is the Sierra de Peña with its wind farm. Later on we entered a concentration trail that accompanies us for about an hour and that, with great desire, we left on the left. After a slight change of direction we left a paved runway through an area known as Llano del Real, dotted with rustic farms. After the bridge of the variant we entered Sangüesa. , whipped to the last moment. We left the bullring and front, along Magdalena Street, we reached the roundabout where the portal of Carajeas, one of the doors of the 13th century wall, is exposed. We continue in front to enter Enrique de Labrit Street, where the hostel is located.

  • Km 21.8. Sangüesa (All Services)

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