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Stage 3 by Somport

Arrés to Ruesta Stage

km 28,7
Time 07H 15’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 2
Available without an Internet connection

The sun becomes an ally in winter and an enemy in summer

Information about the stage 3 by Somport: Arrés to Ruesta Stage

Profile: Arrés to Ruesta Stage

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Points of interest in the stage 3 by Somport: Arrés to Ruesta Stage

  • 11 Church of Santa Maria
  • 10 San Juan Hermitage
  • 9 Calle de Artieda
  • 8 Church of St. Martin
  • 7 Towards Artieda
  • 6 Transfer to Mianos
  • 5 Barranco de Excelechos
  • 4 Road crossing to Tuesday
  • 3 Badlands landscape
  • 2 La Pardina del Solano Farm
  • 1 Gothic fortress

The route

  • Km 0. Arrés (Hostel. Bar)

With the first lights of the day we say goodbye to Arrés on a stony path surrounded by boj that descends to a runway. It surrounds cereal plantations and ends up turning ninety degrees to the left to regain the western direction. About 20 minutes later we are on a piste walk with an agricultural and rural tourism complex known by the Pardina del Solano (Km 3,7). We went ahead and, a kilometer and a half later, left a detour that leads to the town of Tuesday . We continue along the runway and look at the curious geological structures, known as badlands, that come up at the margins of the road. We leave the concentration trail when crossing the road to Tuesday (Km 7).

We turn left to win a small hill and we take a right-hand detour that plants us back on another concentration track. Beyond the boundary between the provinces of Huesca and the incoming Zaragoza, we access the Barranco de Excelechos. Its flow is no longer a problem thanks to the walkway built in 2010 (km 10.3). After the ravine we soon find another course of water that goes down the Calcones ravine. Once overcome by another similar walkway we face a short climb and already by favorable terrain we link to a paved runway. It leads to Mianos, the first people to see. Later we end up leaving the brea and, without going on to Mianos, we take a right road towards Artieda (km 13,4).

An uncomfortable stretch of climb and down reaches the road leading to the feet of Artieda. Whoever decides to end the stage here must go up to the center of the village, where the hostel is located. To continue towards Ruesta it is not necessary to climb to Artieda, although it is worth the effort to take a breath and replenish forces. We will no longer find localities in the eleven kilometers remaining of stage.

  • Km 17.6. Artieda (Hostel. Bar)

Having gone up or not, next to the Artieda diversion we take a right-hand track. After three hundred meters it turns left and leads us to the A-1601 (Km 20,4), a road that we follow to the left and that will accompany us for four kilometers. A few hundred meters after kilometric point number 6 we left the road to take a path that goes up to a cereal field (Km 24,4).

We line the ground and cross the road to go through a stand that finally gives us a little shade. At some points, between the green scrubland you can distinguish the incredible color of the Yesa reservoir . Without references, the end seems never to come. As we leave to a clearing, we left the Romanesque chapel of San Juan, in ruins and covered by a metal structure. One more effort and we went up to the road to enter Ruesta after p.k 10.

  • Km 28.7. Ruesta (Hostel. Bar)

The difficulties


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The hostels

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