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French Way Stage from Leon to San Martin del Camino

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Hostel of Pilgrims of La Virgen del Camino

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Albergue la virgen del camino

Avenida Padre Eustoquio, 16
La Virgen del Camino (León)

Hostel owner: Municipal

Institution or administration in charge of maintenance costs: City Hall of Valverde de la Virgen

Person in charge of the hostel: Manuel Oliva Vicedo

Remarks: The Hostel is very close to the Basilica of La Virgen del Camino, declared a Good of Cultural Interest since 2018. The Basilica of La Virgen del Camino is the first Good of Cultural Interest built in the 20th century that is on the Camino de Santiago. Located in a quiet area with many services nearby: bars, banks, doctor, pharmacy, swimming pool, library, post… The sculptural decoration was carried by Josep Maria Subirachs, who made the monumental facade with the figures of the Apostles, as well as four doors, an altar on the exterior esplanade and various elements of the interior, such as the sacred, crucifixes, candlesticks, ambons, lamps and baubles. The windows of the exterior were made by Albert Ràfols Casamada, while those of the interior (Camarín de la Virgen and Sala de Exvoos) were run by the Dominico Domingo Iturgáiz.

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