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The Camino de Santiago in video: from Puente la Reina to Estella

By Pablo Guiroy, Camino Santiago | 03/04/2017

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The section of the Camino de Santiago that runs between Puente la Reina and Estella passes through beautiful towns and cities of medieval origin. This video reveals the wonders of this tour of Navarre: from the vineyards of Cirauqui to the chapel of San Miguel, of the 10th century.

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Stage Bridge the Queen to Estella

We left Puente la Reina by the seven-eye Romanesque bridge. Among the cereal fields we go to Mañeru, a town of medieval origin. In order to reach this town we have to pass a hard echo. The next village, Cirauqui, is on
a hill and surrounded by vineyards. In Villatuerta we will cross the river Iranzu by a medieval bridge.

We follow the path along the skirt of Montejurra where we see the chapel of San Miguel, of the 10th century. And we arrived at Estella, with hospitals for pilgrims since the 11th century. It is a medieval city that was consecrated as the economic center of the area in the 16th century. We have to visit the bridge of the Thief, the church of San Miguel, the palace of the Kings of Navarra and the cloister of the church of San Pedro de la Rúa.

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