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The Camino de Santiago in video: from Estella to Torres del Río

By Pablo Guiroy, Camino Santiago | 17/04/2017

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The stage of the Camino de Santiago between Estella and Torres del Río is a gift for the most terrestrial senses. The tranche runs between fields of vineyards and fertile land for crops. In this video we discover the secrets that hide the Jacobean route from Estella to Torres del Río.

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Camino de Santiago: from Estella to Torres del Río, between vineyards

At this stage of the Camino de Santiago we left Estella heading towards the Monastery of Irache, of the 10th century and famous among pilgrims for having a fountain with wine. Then we follow the route along the skirt of Montejurra and in the shade of the pines.

In kilometer number 8 we climbed to Villamayor de Monjardin, between vineyards. At the entrance of the people we see the Source of the Moors.

Now we begin the descent between vineyards which, along with huge cereal fields, will accompany us until we reach Los Arcos.
The River Odrin bathes these lands with special characteristics for agriculture.

In Los Arcos Calle Mayor brings us to the church of Santa Maria, which combines Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and neoclassical styles.

A few more kilometers and we arrived at Sansol and Torres del Río, a town with several hostels and where the church of the Santo Sepulcro stands, a top monument of the Romanesque Navarro.

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