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Roads and encounters El Real de la Jara

By Mª Teresa Domínguez | 28/05/2019

Roads and encounters El Real de la Jara

Meetings on the Mozarabic Road

The AÚNA Foundation has opened the Interpretation Center ?Iter Hispalense? in the village of El Real de la Jara (Sevilla) a site focused on pilgrims wishing to make the Mozarabic Road. This place places the accent on the localities through which they go through their stages until they link the Spanish capital with the Vía de la Plata.

Precisely the last kilometers of the 4th stage of this road pass through the municipality of El Real de la Jara. Focusing on it, the relationship between the locality and the road itself is appreciated, giving it much more sense perhaps its origin and its recognition in the historical evolution.

In fact, the town has a Almohade castle fortress, reused in the 14th century as a surveillance of the Gallega Band, a small hermitage, formerly a mosque; and a 15th-century Gothic Mudéjar parish church. Nestled in the Sierra Morena Sevillana Natural Park, it is also the habitat of various species of indigenous flora and fauna. In addition, its municipality retains numerous archaeological remains of residents, from the Neolithic and the Age of Metals, Tartessos, Turdetans, etc.

For pilgrims

To meet the needs of the pilgrim going through this place, in this town there is currently a municipal hostel in the entrance to it, as well as other private hostels, as well as rural accommodations.


The pilgrim will also find in El Real de la Jara information on other services he may require during his trip, whether food, health, local administration, miscellaneous supplies, etc.

In short, the purpose of this cultural service is an attempt - with a few drops of epic and a little visual pedagogy - for the pilgrim to entertain himself during his journey through this place, while informing about the legacy of the Mozarabic Path in El Real de la Jara, taking advantage of this confluence of Caminos.

Address Interpretation Centre "Iter

Hispalense"C/ 28 February, nº 5.

El Real de la Jara (Sevilla).

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