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Reflections on COVID-19 and the Camino

By Laureano V. García Diez | 24/11/2020

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Dear friends and colleagues:

We are immersed in what politicians call the "second wave" of the COVID-19 pandemic and, despite the announcements of vaccines made these days, we don't know very well when and, above all, how all this will end.

The year 2020 has been, or is being, a difficult and strange year and that affects us all and in all aspects, of course also as regards the Camino de Santiago and pilgrimages. No one could assume all that is happening to us early in the year and we were not prepared to face it or to get away with the tremendous challenge it represents.

But perhaps this strange and difficult circumstance can give us reason for reflection, to think that we want it to be the Camino de Santiago and how we want the world of pilgrimages to last after the Holy Year, I would even dare to say more, as we can or should face the celebration of this Jubilee Year so long awaited and so desired after a wait of eleven long years.

Do we want a Camino de Santiago in which the fight for figures continues to prevail?

Do we seek to continue with the always odious comparisons between one Jacobean route and another?

Are we interested in a Road full of "tourist" or are we looking for the traditional pilgrim?

Are we looking for a donation and welcome hospitality or looking for more places of higher quality but less humanity?

Spiritual path or Path of Senators?

Well, it's a lot of questions, I know. But I think it's a good time to study all of this and make our own decisions. Decisions that must be our guide for the coming years and to make the Camino de Santiago, especially of our Northern Roads, what we really want and that we hope will help us maintain . These months of inactivity are conducive to reflection, to analysis, and that is why I ask you all without considering it interesting that we promote a series of meetings, round tables or telematic working groups to discuss all this. I will study how the subject of telematic meetings works through the Zoom programme and, whenever you consider it positive, we could try. To begin with, I shall convene a meeting of the Vice-Presidents by video-call by Wasap, as we have already had on another occasion.

I remain, as always, at your disposal for as much as you need, I ask you to actively participate in all this, I remind you that THE GROUPING WE ARE ALL and we need to prepare properly to face the challenges of the HOLY YEAR 2021. A strong hug to everyone.

Take great care of you, please! !

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