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Recommendations to the pilgrim before COVID-19

By Jacobean Council | 29/06/2020


If you are going to do the Camino de Santiago, do not forget these recommendations:

Before leaving

  • Prioritize payment via mobile app or card but don't forget to bring cash for the donation in host shelters.
  • Note the limitations of accommodation in hostels. You can view this information on the IGN https app://qrco.de/IGNApp
  • Do not forget to put in the backpack...
  1. Your sleeping bag, especially if you're going to sleep in shelters.
  2. Your own packer covered (not disposable), knife and bowl to eat.
  3. A pen.
  4. A hygiene kit with face masks (remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use), hydrogel and disinfectant sprayer.

On the way

  • Place your backpack outside the enclosed enclosures if they have spaces for it.
  • Ask local staff to seal your credential to avoid handling the seal.
  • If you stop during the stage, park your bike in a place where you are not in contact with others.
  • Disinfect resting area furniture before use.
  • Before and after handling the sources, wash your hands with hydrogel. Always drink in a bowl and avoid contact with the tap.
  • Check on your mobile brochures, restaurant menus etc.
  • On lookouts and other milestones, keep the safety distance with other people and don't touch the physical elements.

Arriving at the hostel

  • Remember that no cures will be done. Go to a health center with more protective measures for you and your caregiver.
  • If you park outdoors, keep enough separation with other bikes. If it is in a closed place, disinfect it before.
  • Plan your food, remember that the kitchen and dining room will probably be closed.
  • Avoid contact with other backpacks, disinfect with a sprayer or insert it into a clean plastic bag. Keep your belongings inside.



If you have symptoms of dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, headache, etc. contact the phones enabled in each autonomous community.

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