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Holy Year 2021


Holy Year 2021

The Holy Year is declared each year whose July 25, Feast of the Apostle James, falls on Sunday, which happens up to 14 times each century. That is why 2021 generates so much expectation, the last was in 2010.

Also this year the religious benefits of jubilee are extended during 2022 due to the special circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic

The most popular Camino de Santiago is the so-called French Way, the most common is to start it in San Jean Pie de Port, and this pilgrimage has remained uninterrupted since the ninth century so that, in addition to various pandemics, they have survived wars and many crises.

In addition to the French Way, the Iberian peninsula is covered by many roads: Primitive, the North, the Portuguese Way, Sanabrés Road, Mozarabic Way, Via de la Plata, Baztanés Road, English Way…. All of them thoroughly described in our Consumer Guide and for a common purpose… reach Santiago de Compostela.

Consumer published 25 years ago one of the first guides of the Camino de Santiago. Followed and consulted by millions of pilgrims at national and international level, it has brought the name EROSKI to everyone. Characterized by its service to pilgrims, hospital volunteers, hostels, Associations of Friends of the Camino, etc.

In it you will find all the information you need both if you have already done the Camino and if you want to start it

Values of the Road or reasons for doing so

The Camino is sustainable, provides physical and psychological benefits, improves health in all aspects and promotes values such as solidarity and companionship. In the religious aspect and according to the Jacobean tradition, the pilgrims who walk to Santiago de Compostela during the Holy Year and pass through the Holy Gate of the Cathedral of Santiago are forgiven of all their sins. This is called a plenary indulgence and was initiated by Pope Calixto II.

What is Compostela and Credential?

La Compostela is the certificate that recognizes having travelled to Santiago, having traveled a minimum of 100 km in a row. That is why many pilgrims start their way in Sarria last kilometers of the French Way, or in Tui, last kilometers of the Portuguese Way.

The Pilgrim's Credential is a passing certification that is being stamped during the journey and confirms the date and place where the pilgrim has passed.

Traveling in COVID-19 times:

If you are worried about making the Camino in times of Covid-19, we can assure you that pilgrim hostels, luggage carriers and hotel establishments are following the guidelines established by the Xunta de Galicia for a safe Road. Mandatory use of face masks in all common areas, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, safety distance, digital QR cards and even auto check-in is available in some accommodations.

In addition, the Cathedral of Santiago is working on an application that will function as a credential of the digital pilgrim, which will be available from next Holy Year 2021. With this digital credential, the pilgrim will be able to incorporate in it the stamps that certify the passage through the different stages of the Camino, by scanning QR codes that will be visible in the different sealing points, thus reducing contact. This application does not replace the traditional credential, those who want can continue to manually stamp their pilgrim passport.


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