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Do you make the Camino de Santiago? 15 things you can't leave at home

By Xunta de Galicia | 04/03/2017

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Sleeping bag, resting shoes, a container, cream with high sun protection, a small kit, mobile with charger and documentation are some of the basic elements you need to bring if you are going to do the Camino de Santiago. Know what 15 things you can't leave at home, others that are very useful and which clothing to choose to enjoy the experience to the fullest.
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15 things you will need for the Camino de Santiago

In the backpack of the Camino de Santiago we will bring the basic and essential, without overloading it. But there are 15 things we should not forget at home, and that may not be easy to find during the tour. These are:

1. Pargatas, flip-flops or sneakers for resting moments.

2. Boots.

3. Underwear and socks of seamless cotton and wool.

4. A pair of pants.

5. A couple shirts.

6. A couple of hoodies or jerseys.

7. Hat, visor or cap.

8. Sleeping bag.

9. Toilet paper and paper scarves.

10. Cantimplora.

11. Cream with high sun protection.

12. A small kit that includes the basics: puppies, gelatin dressings, tweezers, hypodermic needles, mercromin or similar, analgesics and anti-inflammatories.

13. It is important to keep our documentation and carry credit cards, as it is not convenient to carry a lot of cash.

14. Mobile phone and charger.

15. Concha de peregrino.

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Other useful things for the Camino de Santiago

As optional elements, which can be practical during the Camino de Santiago, we can bring the following: earplugs, a flashlight, swimsuit, diaper, kitchenware, detergent and a lighter.

Img camino santiago things do not forget

What clothing do I take to the Camino de Santiago?

Little clothing, adapted to the season of our walking, with insulating fabrics, caps all year round (either for the sun, or for the cold) and a bourbon or stick to help us walk.

The garments must be adapted to the climatic conditions of the time chosen to make the Camino and the different geographical areas through which it will go. An important factor to bear in mind is that many stages will be in mountain areas, at an altitude of approximately 1,000 metres above sea level.

You should not wear a lot of layers of clothing. The important thing is that they are insulating tissues from the thermal changes of the exterior, able to maintain a thin layer of warm air between the garment and the skin, so that no heat loss occurs. Especially in summer, clothes should be chosen to facilitate perspiration, and some waterproof clothing should be incorporated whatever the time of year.

Since most stages will be exposed to direct sunlight, it will be necessary to wear hats, hats or visor to avoid insolation, hyperthermia, etc. In winter a hat will protect us from the cold in particularly high areas.

An auxiliary element that is a great help, especially in dreamy grounds, is the boatman or support stick during the walk, which also characterizes the pilgrim.

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