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2 billion kilometers: make your steps count

By Consumer | 14/05/2019

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I challenge 2,000 million kilometers, in solidarity with those fleeing war.

Every year, millions of people have to flee their homes because of war, armed conflicts, religious, ethnic, gender persecution, etc. When they cross the borders of their countries, they become called refugees until they can return home. They all amount to 2 billion kilometres each year fleeing violence with little more than that.

In solidarity, UNHCR is challenging to reach the same number of kilometers during this 2019 among people walking, running, cycling or even swimming.

Through this counter, the miles made by all the people who have joined the challenge are getting on top as they walk. These can be added automatically with applications such as Strava or Fitbit or added manually by the user himself.

Img unhcr consumer

How to join in just 3 steps? #ByRefugees

Each pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago does an average of 25 kilometers a day. If the more than 100,000 pilgrims who finish each year the tour join the cause, it is possible to add more than 55 million kilometers, only in Spain through the Camino de Santiago. Do you help us?

Joining the refugee challenge will not take more than three minutes:

1. Sign up for 2000million.org in just 1 minute.

2. Connect your Strava or Fitbit app so your miles from the Camino de Santiago join as you walk, or manually add the kilometers to 2000million.org

3. Share your tours and help us spread the challenge of the 2 billion through your social networks. #ByRefugees

I remember that training very well after meeting Oskar. I couldn't stop thinking about him as he ran. He imagined how he would have run to escape those armed people who came into his house to set it on fire with his whole family inside. My eyes were tarnished, and then I promised that every stride would be given by Oskar, by the refugees, who would never fail to tell their story?, testimony of Eva Garrido, a worker of the Spanish UNHCR Committee.

You can also look at the solidarity races that have joined the challenge and continue adding miles beyond the Camino, or see other ways to help refugees.

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