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By M. Alejandro González Flores on behalf of United Pilgrims of the world | 04/02/2021


It turns out that a foreign entrepreneur after reading the pillars of the earth has seen a business opportunity and intends to open a tapas bar inside the Cathedral of Burgos. The draft of the project is already passed to the town hall and this in turn took it to heritage to give, if necessary, the approval.

Can you imagine a bigger attack on our heritage than this?

The "initiative" has reached different associations and in social networks it has been "slippery", as is normal, as it directly affects the heritage of humanity. And now the ball is in the heritage court.

So now that you have all echoed the news, I take this opportunity to quote Alberto Pérez.

Like on TV

Stop emission

To announce a concoction

Or a massage

I interrupt my sentence

And I put a message here."

The great Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente said there in 1975 that we would cry out in the sky if we were to open a bar inside the cathedral of Burgos, but we would not immute if a lagoon were deserted to make a wheat field that would in no way improve the economy of the area of that lagoon.

Unfortunately, "friend Félix" is no longer among us, but there is his legacy. He knew very well that nature, our environment, is a heritage that we must care for for our future, that of our children and that of our existence.

No, don't panic. Nobody wants to open a bar inside the cathedral of Burgos.

But what if you intend to do is something as worrying as that, because it is against our heritage, against the heritage of humanity, against the Camino de Santiago.

If we asked all the pilgrims who have made the French way to tell us three points of the whole road with the greatest spiritual burden, I am sure that the vast majority of them would cite the Ferro Cross as one of them.

The Iron Cross (Ferro Cross) is a cruise located at the highest point of the Camino de Santiago Francés, about 1500 meters high. It is located between the localities of Foncebadón and Manjarín, belonging to the municipality of Santa Colomba de Somoza (León).

Well, it is now in danger.

The cross of Ferro is not the cathedral of Burgos, that is evident, no, but it is as important as such, as it is part of the route of Santiago which is protected and cannot modify its surroundings. It is the heritage of mankind.

This project aims to make a walkway next to the cross so that the pilgrim does not climb the mound of stones that until now and throughout the history of the road has been doing, which significantly alters the environment, and leaves the pilgrim without one of the most striking rituals of the whole Camino de Santiago. It is also intended to make parking for motorhomes, among other things, with which the theme park with included circus is total.

I don't know if you'll get your hands on such a project, I do, and friend Felix if you raise your head, I'm sure so.

If you do not, let him look, for our heritage is at stake, the one we must care for and protect as little as it is, and the law enforcement, something so simple but there are people who do not seem to understand.

And if common sense, something recently so difficult to find, leads you to think of "barbarity," because it shares this news for everyone to echo it. For the more we know about this "initiative", the greater the pressure will be for patrimony not to give in and act with justice in the face of this attack. Now the ball is on his roof.

Ferro's cross is NOT touched, NOT.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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