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New Planner! Organizing your Camino de Santiago route was never so easy


New Planner! Organizing your Camino de Santiago route was never so easy

In order for this 800-kilometer adventure to be rewarding for the spirit and at least annoying for the body, before starting it comes very well to prepare physically and plan the route to be followed. The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is a physical and mental challenge that we must prepare consciously, enjoy the best experience and minimize possible problems that may arise.

Planning is the key

Try to make a pre-stage plan, thinking that the usual thing is to walk 25 or 30 kilometers every day if you're walking or double if you're going to do the bike path. It is important to program short stages at the beginning, until the body goes to the idea of our purpose. After a week you will be trained and able to cope with longer stages. You can plan a day of rest, coinciding with the passage through the places you want to visit carefully, so you can rest without losing the rhythm and without stopping moving forward. But how and where can I save the planned route? In the Guide to the Camino de Santiago we want to make it easy and with this objective is born The Planner, a new tool we make available to you.

The Planner of the Camino de Santiago

Our planner is a very useful tool to create and plan your own Camino adapted to your tastes and needs, because the Camino de Santiago is not a single route. In the "Plan My Way" section you just have to choose the path you want to make, and the stage you want to start your adventure. Indicating the days you have and the planner will show you the stages to be done. Planner view Camino de Santiago by EROSKI Consumer Choose and save your steps, hostels where to stay or places you want to visit. You can gradually develop it, and even create different roads and store them in your personal folder. View Favorites of your way The tool will also help you calculate the approximate expenses you can have along the journey; remember that making the pilgrimage to Santiago implies a certain sobriety in expenses, being true pilgrims forces us to be honest and austere. Cost Calculator Camino de Santiago

Access to offline data

And remember, you can have access to all this information even offline by selecting “Available offline”. Offline access to Camino de Santiago EROSKI Consumer

Being informed beforehand is always useful

Before you leave, look at some basic tips listed in the Walking Tips section and ambience by reading something about the history of the Camino and the pilgrimage: it will help you feel one more link of the great chain of pilgrims that have preceded you. And do not forget to inform your family or friends about the journey you are going to make, with the scheduled dates, so that in case of emergency they will locate you quickly. For our part, we only have to get rid of you, a good road!

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