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"BODENAYA, a dream on the road to Santiago"

By Alejandro González Flores | 15/08/2021

"BODENAYA, a dream on the road to Santiago"

They say there are three things a person has to do at least once in life, plant a tree, have a child, and write a book.

In my childhood I remember how they took us from school to plant trees on a hillside that gave to the M-30, there they will continue to give oxygen to the city of Madrid while the drivers do not imagine who were the chiquillos who planted those trees in the early 1980s.

Children what you say children officially I have one, but don't be misconceived, I say officially because I have one of blood that grows healthy as an "oak" and then I have another that was born there in 2006 and that also enjoys good health, the pilgrim hostel of Bodenaya.

And then I was only left to fulfill tradition by writing a book.

And nothing better than writing the story of that "son-hostel" that so many satisfactions gave me in life, not only to me, but to every pilgrim who has the enormous fortune to do night in him during his pilgrimage through the primitive path of Santiago.

I decided to write about him to record how it was the search for the place to realize my dream of opening a pilgrim's hostel, how it was the restoration of the house taking it out of the deep coma in which I was immersed and how the hostel evolved, at the same time as the primitive path, until my cycle closed there and I began, without haste but without pause, to search for that "special" person who was capable of taking me.

Of course, first of all, to say that it is not a best seller, and that you will not wait for postín literature, it is a humble book of pilgrim anecdotes, I call them battles, told in my way and as such to read, as if I was telling you while I accompany you at a stage of the road.

There are anecdotes of all kinds, all of them actually passed as I tell them and they are all counted with the greatest affection towards their protagonists.

It was a wonderful stage of my life in which I spent loneliness, fear, hunger, cold, anguish, but gradually became transformed into hope, love, joy, faith, trust and absolute happiness, which led to the great transformation of a abandoned house into a pilgrim hostel that leaves no one indifferent.

Currently the book is in the process of printing and you will soon be able to obtain it, whoever wants it, in the pilgrim hostel of Bodenaya, or through a Facebook page that we have enabled for this purpose, "BODENAYA, a dream on the road of Santiago".

I very much hope that it will be your pleasure and that you will enjoy your reading as much as I did when I wrote it.

And I also hope to cross with you one day on the way.

Thank you very much. Ultreia! !

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