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Which shoes is better? Boot or shoe?

Which shoes is better? Boot or shoe?

Boot shoe

The foot of the pilgrim discovers all possible surfaces: asphalt, concrete, zahorra of agricultural slopes, uncomfortable gravel, terrible soils, clay or limestone, etc. Such disparity gives rise to serious doubts in the choice of footwear that best suits each and every one of the surfaces described.

We need a shoe that is neither very light nor very heavy, that is flexible and that provides good stability. All these features bring together the trekking shoes and trail running shoes used by mountain runners. Both are lighter than hiking boots and provide greater flexibility and cushioning. The outsole is more resistant and supports better the impacts and weight of the backpack than that of a conventional athletic shoe.

The Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable fabric will keep your foot from moving and sweating out. Mountain boots better protect the ankles and the possible impacts of stones, but they are heavier, recalibrate the foot more and are very uncomfortable on the asphalt. The experience advises to try first with trekking or trail running shoes.