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Traveling with the essentials

Traveling with the essentials

What to bring in to make the Camino de Santiago in summer

Apart from the clothes that are worn, this could be the luggage for the summer:


  • A light sleeping bag. Always take a bag unless you want to sleep in hotels. With few exceptions it is not cold inside the shelters, so it is useless to carry a heavy bag designed to sleep abroad. A fiber bag capable of isolating temperatures between 15 and 10 degrees is sufficient.
  • A container of one liter or a camelback of the same capacity.
  • A couple of trekking poles, if you're used to carrying them, or the classic bourbon.
  • Two or three mods.
  • Two pairs of short hiking socks made of polyester.
  • A pair of polyester t-shirts, one short sleeve and one long sleeve t-shirt (never cotton, as they don't sweat and take time to dry).
  • Hiking shorts.
  • A sweatshirt and a lightweight jacket that is waterproof.
  • A poncho with breathable backpack. The downside is that they usually weigh about 400 grams.
  • A visor or hat.
  • A microfiber towel. They are made of polyester and polyamide and dried quickly. They can be found in sports shops.
  • Shocks for the shower.
  • A toothbrush and toothpaste. Toilet gel and shampoo and a soap pill to wash clothes and, for those who need it, razors or razors.
  • Small medicine chest with aspirin or ibuprofen, high protection sun cream, tirites, iodine and sterilized needles to puncture the blisters. Anti-scratch creams for the foot and for the body are highly recommended. If the Camino is made in company it is most sensible to bring a joint medicine chest and distribute the weight.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A front lantern
  • The ID, the Health Card, a credit card and the pilgrim's credential.
  • A knife. Also imperdibles several tweezers, very useful for drying clothes during or at the end of the stage.
  • The mobile, a camera (if we want more quality) and its chargers.
  • A couple of earplugs for not listening to snoring

And for the winter months, what would be the recommended baggage?

And for the coldest months,

  • It is enough that socks, t-shirts and pants are winter.
  • You also have to wear a hat, a knot and gloves.
  • And the light jacket should be replaced by a waterproof windbreaker. This is the most expensive part of the team, but it is worth investing the money in quality clothing.
  • Some polar fiber grills to wear underneath the pants and even to sleep are not enough.
  • In winter it is recommended to wear the layer system: as first layer a very breathable thermal interior t-shirt; second a technical long-sleeved t-shirt and finally the windbreak.