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Once in operation

Once in operation


The accident risk, in our case injury, will be 100%. The saying "walk like an old man and you will arrive like a young man" is the best advice a profane pilgrim can receive.

During the first three days it is not advisable to travel more than 20 kilometers a day. Once the grips and initial discomfort have disappeared, the number of kilometres can be progressively increased to 30 or more per day, but a good average is 25 kilometres per day.

On the Camino there are many athletes who dare with walks of 40 and 45 kilometers a day, although some of them are victims of the feared tendinitis. The most common are the peroneal tendon and the Achilles heel. To prevent possible injuries, a simple stretching table should be performed before walking and at the end of exercise, especially stretching the legs (English, quadriceps and twins), back, lumbar and shoulders. The best seller of stretching is Bob Anderson's play 'Stretching'.