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How to eat along the way

How to eat along the way

It is essential to take sufficient time to enjoy a full breakfast including dairy, cereals (flakes, bread, toast, mould bread..), fruit or juice and supplements (butter or margarine, cheese, fibres, jam, honey, sugar, etc.).


Since each stage takes an average of 6 hours, we should take a brief rest every 60 or 90 minutes to drink and eat something solid that contains carbohydrates, which will allow us to better maintain the rhythm of exercise, and above all for two fundamental reasons: avoiding pallor and dehydration.

During continued exercise, water is as important as carbohydrates, especially in very hot and humid days. It is a relatively widespread mistake not to drink water before or during exercise, as well as to wait for thirst or hunger to start drinking water and eating food.

Walking on a full stomach is not healthy. The most important meal of the day must be done at the end of the stage and, if the day is prolonged and you need to eat table during the march, you should choose a snack or a light plate of pasta or vegetable.

Rehydration is also essential after the end of the stage, including water and carbohydrates; and if perspiration (sweat) has been important it will be necessary, in addition to hydrating, to replace lost electrolytes.