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Behaving in common sense

Behaving in common sense

Well born

The Camino de Santiago is not made by imposition, it is a free choice and therefore the pilgrim should not believe that it has privileges. In the shelters and establishments of the route you have to behave with education, without the slaughter of owners and hospitals and without emergencies. Hospital volunteers are also pilgrims and, as the name suggests, help selflessly and prepare breakfasts, buy and dine, clean the facilities, heal wounds, etc.

You do not have to throw trash on the Camino, to do this you should bring an empty bag and deposit in it all the wrapping, cans and food remnants that accumulate during the stage.

All pilgrims deserve the same respect, both those who have made ten roads and those who start, each party with different goals and expectations, but all end up embracing the same end. The Camino is one of the best schools in civility and human values that can be found, you only have to know how to listen to their teachings every day to return home renovated, with better humor and being a better person.

We must be consistent, it is not acceptable to ask for free refuge or complain about the price of hostels and to spend the money without control on things to be dispensed with.