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Stage 26

Stage of The Bath to Astorga

km 24,2
Time 06H 00’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 3
Available without an Internet connection

We finally reached Astorga, end of the road and link to the French Way

Information about the stage 26: Stage of The Bath to Astorga

Profile: Stage of The Bath to Astorga

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Points of interest in the stage 26: Stage of The Bath to Astorga

  • 11 Episcopal Palace
  • 10 Cathedral of Santa Maria
  • 9 Celada de la Vega. N-VI
  • 8 Roman bridge of Valimbre. Río Turienzo
  • 7 Step under the highway A-6
  • 6 Comarcal road
  • 5 Parish church
  • 4 Rail bridge. Río Tuerto
  • 3 Church of Santa Maria
  • 2 Church of El Salvador
  • 1 Albergue de La Bañeza

The route

  • Km 0. La Bañeza(All services)

The itinerary was born in St. Lucia Street and upon arriving at the Plaza de la Asunción, it continues ahead by Lope de Vega Street. Cross a road and go straight down Salvador Street, leaving the Romanesque church on the right. Then turn right onto Vía de la Plata street and in fifty meters left onto Marcos de Segovia (direction Villalís), through which we pull in front to cross the train tracks. We continue along the road and when we reach the end of locality indicator we abandon it by a paved runway that emerges to the right. This runway leads to the very shore of the River Sleeps, which we saved thanks to the railway iron bridge (Km 2.4).

A hundred meters later we turn left on a road that leads us to pass under the A-6. After this obstacle comes a couple of turns, one on the left and another on the right, after which comes a line leading to Palacios de Valslena (Km 6).

  • Km 6. Valsleeps Palaces(Bar. Store)

The journey through this population goes by the church and the city hall and leads us to abandon it by the cemetery. Here is a large clay piste surrounded by a low mountain of chaparros, jaras and thyme that will guide us for the next six kilometers. This distance will reach a local road (Km 12,7). We follow it to the right half a kilometer and, after passing over a stream, we leave it to the left to join another runway that passes by a landfill. To our right you can see and feel the traffic of the A-6, the Madrid-A Coruña motorway, which we will pass below (Km 16,5).

Four hundred meters later we crossed the N-VI. After crossing we take the diversion to the Valderrey Station (currently with pilgrim hostel in its old station) and Nistal. At 150 metres you have to leave this road and turn left on a road that leads directly to the Roman bridge of Valimbre on the river Turienzo. This is the last Roman vestige the pilgrim finds before entering Asturica Augusta. Sustained by four half-point arches, with spectacular upstream tajamares, it was completely restored in the late 1990s (km 18.2).

At the exit of the bridge, we are still facing up to an agricultural vessel. Then we'll continue in front about 700 meters along a path that leads us to cross the tracks of the train. We will always advance on your right to cross them again and we will leave to the N-VI at the height of Celada de la Vega.

  • Km 20.5. Celada de la Vega(Bar. Store)

We go out on Valimbre Street which part of the plaza where the medical office is, then the street becomes a track for in just over 100 meters take another track by right hand. At a mile and a half we'll cross the AP-71 for a lower step and in just over a kilometer access the VI national by which we get to Astorga.

  • Km 24.2. Astorga (all services)

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