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Stage 25

La Bañeza Infantation Stage

km 20,5
Time 05H 30’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 1
Available without an Internet connection

Comfortable and short stage by the Jamuz River. In the end awaits La Bañeza

Information about the stage 25: La Bañeza Infantation Stage

Profile: La Bañeza Infantation Stage

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Points of interest in the stage 25: La Bañeza Infantation Stage

  • 9 Church of Santa Maria
  • 8 Church of El Salvador
  • 7 Albergue de La Bañeza
  • 6 Runway end
  • 5 Parish church
  • 4 La Nora del Río crossing. Jamuz River Road
  • 3 Castillo Palacio
  • 2 Church of San Esteban
  • 1 Albergue de Alija del Infantado

The route

  • Km 0. El Infantado (Hostel. Bar. Store. Pharmacy. ATM)

To start the day there is only going down to Calle Real, a road that divides the town and coincides with the path of LE-114. After more than two and a half kilometres of asphalt, we have to take on the right hand the diversion to La Nora. Then we will cross a bridge over the Jamuz River and immediately turn left onto the runway that advances parallel to this influent of the Orbigo (Km 3).

The runway in question will accompany us for the next eleven kilometers and we will always progress with the hand of the Jamuz, which flows to our left. About forty minutes later we will see on the left Genestacio, a town we do not enter because it is located half a kilometer from our tour. On the other hand, we will visit Quintana del Marco, a municipality of Roman descent as evidenced by the findings made in the Villa de los Villares.

  • Km 8.3. Quintana del Marco (Bars. Store. Pharmacy)

Later on we will not enter Villanueva de Jamuz because it is slightly detached, about 200 meters. Two kilometers later the nice one changes slightly, although monotonous script and the runway ends (Km 14,1), forcing us to surround a row of trees and to continue in front of a path marked by the constant passage of the pilgrims. This way we reach the nearby Santa Elena de Jamuz. Instead of crossing a bridge over the river and reaching the population, we turn right onto a runway and two hundred meters later left, where there's a little noria. After a line we left at LE-114 (Km 16.2), already at the exit of Santa Elena de Jamuz, and we followed it for three kilometers until the entrance of La Bañeza.

The Asociación de Amigos del Camino de Santiago-Vía de la Plata “Monte Urba” de la Bañeza has impeccably marked the route to the entrance of the town. You have to take the detour marked as La Bañeza Sur and pass on the railways. In the population you have to throw in front of Santa Elena Street; turn left onto San Julián Street and then right onto San Roque Street. This is how to reach the very door of the hostel, located on Bello Horizonte Street.

  • Km 20.5. La Bañeza(All services)

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