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Stage 11

Cea to A Laxe stage

km 37,3
Time 09H 30’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 3
Available without an Internet connection

Endless stage that leaves Ourense to receive Pontevedra

Information about the stage 11: Cea to A Laxe stage

Profile: Cea to A Laxe stage

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Points of interest in the stage 11: Cea to A Laxe stage

  • 14 Albergue de peregrinos de A Laxe
  • 13 Church of Santa Eulalia
  • 12 Church
  • 11 Sculpura of Santiago peregrino
  • 10 Alto de Santo Domingo
  • 9 Church of San Salvador
  • 8 Albergue de peregrinos de Castro Dozón
  • 7 Carballediña
  • 6 Monastery of Oseira
  • 5 Albergue del Monasterio de Oseira
  • 4 Silvaboa
  • 3 Torre del Reloj
  • 2 Old bread oven
  • 1 Albergue de peregrinos de Cea

The route

  • Km 0. Cea(All services)
  • (The "official" route does not pass through the Cistercian Monastery of Oseira, but we believe that it is a shame not to go through and miss such wonder, so we describe the stage below by the "variant" of Oseira. The official route is 4 kilometers shorter and passes through Cotela, Piñor, Arenteiro, Carballeda and Castro Dozon, a town where the two variants come together).

Channeled by the old wood furnaces we reach the Praza Mayor de Cea, leaving the clock tower to the left. We move forward through the street where the post office is located to cross the road. In the Oseira variant we must rely on the arrows and sizes of Carballo. We climbed through the Lodairo rump, leaving the football field to the right, and we took a runway that advances under a canopy of oak trees. The only one, but in the rainy season, may look like one of the streets of an Olympic pool. As the indications do not abound, we will pay attention to the montoncytes of stone left by other pilgrims. The trail ends on the road and thus reaches Silvaboa.

  • Km 4,5. Silvaboa

We left it to the left and, without leaving the asphalt, we arrived after a kilometer and a half to Pielas (Km 6), village of Concello de Cea. At the crossing of the road we pull right hand and continue straight through the diversion to Oseira. Before we reach the monastery we will leave aside the village of Ventela and its church. Finally, after leaving on the right a modern fountain and crossing the river, we arrived at Santa María la Real de Oseira.

  • Km 8.7. Monastery of Oseira (Hostel. Bars)

The first view of the complex is the sober balcony facade of the host, after which we leave the highway to access the monastery. The whole thing deserves a visit. We left it to the left and climbed a steep cement trail from which you get the best views and photographs of the cenobium. The track goes on, but we have to leave it on the left with an arrow painted on the ground. We take a path up the road. We went down through it to Vilarello, a village we left on our right.

  • Km 11. Vilarello

A few hundred meters later you have to leave the road on the right and go down a narrow corridor to the stream, after which we turn left hand to go up to Carballediña (Km 12,4), a village belonging to Piñor. We left by paved runway and by the kilometer we reached Outeiro de Coiras, the last town in the province of Ourense.

  • Km 13.5. Outeiro de Coiras

We turn right and face a first section of respectable climb that later alternates between false plains and more favorable terrain through which we enter A Gouxa (Km 15,5), a population with which we inaugurate our periplo in the province of Pontevedra. A number of livestock roads, probably seized much of the year, lead to Vidueiros (Km 16.4). At the end of this population there are two arrows, one that continues from the front and one that invites us to continue along the right path. We follow this last option, surrounded by a land populated with tojos, and about five hundred meters we take a detour left hand. By him we come to the arcén of the N-525, inseparable companion for which we go down to Castro Dozón, capital of the Concello of the same name.

  • Km 19.3. Castro Dozón(Hostel. Bar. Store. Pharmacy)

Here the Jacobean frameworks return, as here we link with the official route. We leave the national and move along with the church of San Salvador on a paved road parallel to the road. Later we returned to the asphalt and when the sign Lalín 11/ Santiago 61 arrived, we left the national one for another asphalt segment. We returned to the N-525 at the height of Santo Domingo, 700 meters high. We also pass through the people of the same name.

  • Km 22,5. Santo Domingo

We left the road about 100 meters from the kilometric point 280 and arrived by piste to Puxallos (Km 25), the first village of the Concello de Lalín, the largest of Pontevedra. We pass by the hermitage and a modern sculpture of pilgrim Santiago that provokes our admiration. We left following the signs shortly after crossing a bridge the AP-53 motorway and then turn right to enter Pontenoufe (Km 27,3).

  • Km 27.3. Pontenoufe

We go down to the bridge over the Asneiro River. Then we left the paved floor to continue on the right (the Jacob-mark 60,519). We go up and take a path. At the end we turn right and by paved track we reach the parish of A Xesta (Km 28,8). We leave the village crossing the PO-902 road and continue straight until we pass through a bridge the line of the AVE, continue straight until we reach the road PO-534 and take it to the left until we reach the parish of Botos (Km 33), where is the Lalin Station, with services. Before we reach a roundabout we turn right to the place of Baxan and cross below again the line of the AVE, as soon as we cross we turn left parallel to the roads, we pass by the cruciro of Botos and continue on a paved track after crossing a road reach Dosion.

  • Km 35. Donation(Bar)

We arrived at her by a tavern and the church of Santa Eulalia with her cruise. We fired from Donsion on another gravel road, crossed the Cabirtas River, and arrived next to the AP-53 (Santiago – Ourense motorway). Upon crossing the N-525 we entered A Laxe, parish of Bendoiro and Concello de Lalín. A hundred meters from the national is the avant-garde hostel that was opened in March 2004.

  • Km 37.3. A Laxe(Hostel. Bar)

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