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Stage 11

Stage of San Romao da Retorta a Melide

km 27,7
Time 07H 00’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 15
Available without an Internet connection

The variant of the Roman route becomes the only official route

Information about the stage 11: Stage of San Romao da Retorta a Melide

Profile: Stage of San Romao da Retorta a Melide

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The route

  • Km 0. San Romao da Retorta (Castrelo)(Hostels)

The already official route does not present difficulties; it is stripped with the Xunta's jones that in March 2017 already presented the vieira and the yellow arrow attached. After the hostel of the Xunta we continue from front by track and in the first bifurcation to the right, in climb. Heather, eucalyptus and the gentle touch involve the tachuela. In the descent we always go forward in the different crosses. At the end of the descent, we turn left and we climb again calmly, surrounded by vast meadows. After crossing a runway we descend on the street, saving the Rego do Burg, to O Burgo de Negral, place of the parish of O Pacio in the Concello lucense de Friol. In 2017, Marilena and Luis opened a leather workshop and a place with fruits, beverages and pastels for donation. Telephones: 625 102 787.

  • Km 3.1. O Burgo de Negral (placed with fruits, drinks and sweets donated)

The runway continues towards Villacarsolicit and O Pacio, where the parish church of Santa Maria and its cruise dated 1876 (Km 5) are located. Just over a kilometer we cross the LU-231 heading to Friol (right) and Palas de Rei (left)(Km 6.1). We continue forward towards Merlan reaching the place of A Covela, parish of Ferreira de Negral in the Concello de Palas de Rei by 600 meters.

  • A Covela(Hostel. Bar-Cantina de Ferreira)

Here we turn left and pass by the Casa da Ponte, of rural tourism. We are in the place of Mosteiro, where we cross the Ferreira rego by a modern bridge, next to the Roman invoice.(km 7.2) After crossing it we took a short stretch to the right and left to our beloved LU-P-2901. In a minute we reach the place of O Carballal, recognizable by the private hostel Ponte Ferreira.

  • Km 7.5. O Carballal(Hostel)

The parish of Ferreira is fleeting in the eyes of the pilgrim, who advances through the terruño of the region of A Ulloa after the Serra do Careón. After O Carballal, the place of As Balancas, on the left hand side of the road. Then we set aside the diversion to Pena da Galiña and Penín. The parish of the Concello de Palas de Rei that now takes the witness is Augas Santas. We leave the road next to the left wing and cross A Leboreira (Km 9.6). From here under native forest to Bouzachás, where, after a shortcut, we derivate together with a custard and a fountain. A few meters ahead is the parish church of San Xurxo de Augas Santas.

  • Km 10.9. San Xurxo de Augas Santas

After the following word:Montecelo, we left the road to cross Ribadal. We returned to her shortly to take another path and cross the Merlan. We enter the last parish of Palas de Rei and Lugo in the Camino Primitivo:Whiting. El Camino visits the Romanesque parish church of San Salvador. Then we left the road to reach As Seixas shortly. The hostel of the Xunta, served by the endearing Marifé, is on the right hand a few meters from the Camino.

  • Km 13. As Seixas(Hostel. Bar)

Right after that is the Casa Goriños Bar. After saving the rego of Merlan we go to the right, in 68,453 to Santiago. In the next bifurcation we continue on the left, ascending by forest track to Casacamiño.

  • Km 14.6. Casacamiño(Hotel rural-Bar)

A couple of turns in the dwarf place us on the right path towards the clear fears, the one of Casacamiño and the one of Hospital, which take place on the low mountain of dressings and heather. The 66,245 to Santiago mojón is painted with a rainbow and gives way to Hospital das Seixas. As we read in the work on the Primitive Way of historian Ricardo Polín, expert in this first itinerary, the hospital here located belonged to the hospital knights of the Order of San Juan de Malta.

  • Km 15.8. As Seixas Hospital

We dismissed Hospital by a neighborhood road to comfortably overcome the Serra do Careón, which divides the provinces of Lugo and A Coruña at this point. In the east of the province of Coruñesa we receive the Concello de Touches (Km 16,8), located in the region of Terra de Melide. A paved track descends without delay to the edge of Mount Hospital. We left Arnade to the left, first place in the parish of Vilouriz. A few minutes later we left the runway on the left and guided by a congostra entered Vilouriz

  • Km 19. Vilouriz

At the exit of the nucleus we found the church of Santiago. Immersed in the basin of the Furelos River, the itinerary saves the rego dos Lagares and above the camp da Feira de Vilamor and then to its parish temple of San Estevo (Km 21). By the scattered villages of Vilamor de Arriba and Abaixo we reached Irago de Arriba. At the foot of the pilgrim trace lies the grilled Bar Carbius.

  • Km 22.1. Irago de Arriba(Bar)

The road leads us to cross the river Furelos, affluent of the Ulla, which divides the concelles of Touches and Melide (Km 23). From the lowest point of the stage the asphalt stretches through the parish of Abeancos, so we pass by Curutelo, Compostela and Zaramil to cross the river Mera (Km 25.8) Less than 2 kilometers to beat like a wave in the immensity of that Jacobean ocean which is the French Way. In O Ribeiro, parish of Os Anxel, we arrived at the road DP-4604 (Km 26,4), which will take us long straight to Melide, crossing between O Forte Novo.

  • Km 27.7. Melide(All services)

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