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Stage 26

Stage of Charity to Ribadeo

km 22,3
Time 05H 15’
Difficulty Low
Hostels 7
Available without an Internet connection

Tap to choose between Tol, Barres and Figueras or Tapia de Casariego

Information about the stage 26: Stage of Charity to Ribadeo

Profile: Stage of Charity to Ribadeo

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Points of interest in the stage 26: Stage of Charity to Ribadeo

  • 5 Albergue de peregrinos de Ribadeo
  • 4 Torre de los Moreno
  • 3 Marina and Puente de los Santos
  • 2 Albergue de peregrinos de Tol
  • 1 Ball mill

The route

We will leave La Caridad by the main route, passing by the City Hall until we find an indication by the right hand that after a road leads us to cross a stream. If it is grown it is almost certain that we will have to continue along the local road towards Valdepares. We still have to cross the national on two occasions until we reach this population and again to reach the Franco. From here, on a bleak road after a few houses, we find ourselves again with our beloved N-634 and by an old bridge we see the river Porcia, also called the river of the ferrerías. On the other hand a poster tells us that we are in the domains of the Tapia de Casariego council.

Soon, after climbing a cement court, we found the first bifurcation of the day. The hostel registration, to the right, indicates the direction to Tapia de Casariego. In this coastal village there is a hostel with very well preserved kitchen and with an excellent viewpoint towards the sea, eye because it may be temporarily closed, call to confirm. Whoever wants to stay there continues for 4.5 kilometers to the hostel. It should be noted that from Tapia there is a further 12.2 km left to Ribadeo, following several sandy beaches until reaching Santa Gadea and the beach of Penarronda. The itinerary continues through Villadún and Rozadela (where the tourist hostel Camino Norte is located), to reach Figueras and the Puente de los Santos. Thus, from La Caridad to Ribadeo via Tapia de Casariego total 23.5 kilometers.

Returning to this first bifurcation, we will detail the tour of Brul and Tol. On the left hand, in the direction of the Camino, we will cross the National. Until Brul they are now waiting for about 6 kilometres on a comfortable road, fleeing the road and between maize fields and harvest. Beyond Brul we will leave at AS-31, where we will end up entering Tol, where another pilgrim hostel is located (temporarily closed, call to confirm). Following the road we will meet later with a Camino sign that goes to Vegadeo. This route was used in ancient times by pilgrims to save the Eo River by the stone bridge of Santiago de Abres. It should be noted that this newly improved and signalized route does not reach Ribadeo, but that after Abres enters Galicia and heads to Trabada, then connecting in Mondoñedo. From La Caridad to Vegadeo, where is the pilgrim hostel Mar y Montaña, phone 698 40 04 16. This would be the natural stage, then the next day another 23 kilometers would be made by Abres, Trabada to A Trapa, where there was a previously missing donor hostel, (as a result of its disappearance making this route virtually unfeasible unless one kilometer from Vegadeo to Mondoñedo), then in the third day, after 17 kilometers through São Tomé and the pazo arrived at Doñedo.

Returning to the point where the road that goes to Vegadeo bifurcates, those who opt for Barres and Figueras always advance through AS-31, arriving first to Barres, where they cross the N-640 and continue through AS-31 to Figueras. The last effort of the day is to cross the Eo River through the modern bridge of Los Santos. Asturias dismisses and welcomes us Galicia. On this side of the bridge, down to the right, we'll see a small yellow house with nice views. It's the pilgrims' hostel in Ribadeo.

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