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Stage 20

Stage from Sebrayo to Gijón / Link to Oviedo and Camino Primitivo

km 34,3
Time 09H 15’
Difficulty High
Hostels 11
Available without an Internet connection

You can continue along the North Road or the Primitive Road. Choose!

Information about the stage 20: Stage from Sebrayo to Gijón / Link to Oviedo and Camino Primitivo

Profile: Stage from Sebrayo to Gijón / Link to Oviedo and Camino Primitivo

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Points of interest in the stage 20: Stage from Sebrayo to Gijón / Link to Oviedo and Camino Primitivo

  • 6 Albergue juvenil San Andrés de Cornellana
  • 5 Elogio del Horizonte de Chillida de Gijón
  • 4 Church of San Pedro
  • 3 Revillagigedo Palace
  • 2 Variant of Roads
  • 1 Albergue de Sebrayo

The route

From Sebrayo, this small town, which has given us a bed, we go down the local road and in about 12 minutes, under the bridge of the Cantabrian Highway, we turn right onto a runway. We restart by asphalt and down a path where we can check the effectiveness of our Gore-Tex. There's usually lots of mud and water. Then we continued on a runway, separated from the road by a wire fence, until we crossed the bridge over the highway. Later on we went out to the N-632 from the front we entered Villaviciosa, a small town settled in a wide 8 kilometers estuary and known for the quality of its cider.

The entrance line to the population is long and heavy and once in the urban area you have to go out to the road of Infiesto, the AS-255. We leave it for a few moments to take advantage of the refuge offered by the Alameda Park and the Linares River channel . The AS-255 is finally left on the right by the bar La Regatina and we reach a hermitage to cross the stone bridge of San Juan.

We passed the neighborhood of La Parra and through the VV-10 we reached the village of Casquita , of the parish of Grases. Here, a distressed cairn with two vieiras points out the diversion to Oviedo or the continuation to Gijón. Those who choose Oviedo will continue to Santiago along the paths of the Primitive Way, through the interior of Asturias and Lugo capital to join the French Way in Melide.

For those who decide for this interesting option, the itinerary is as follows: Casquita, Camoca de Abajo, Camoca and San Pedro de Ambás. From here you can choose to continue along the official Camino or to continue through the Cistercian monastery of Valdeós (with reception by the Archbishop of Oviedo). Both alternatives converge on the top of the Campa to get down to Vega de Sariego, with a hostel of pilgrims of 16 places. From Sebrayo to Vega de Sariego there are 24 kilometers. The second day, until Oviedo, the route goes to Pola de Siero (with pilgrims' hostel). In this section from Vega de Sariego to Pola they have enabled an alternative route without road traffic that avoids the whole road section. There is no loss from the hostel of Vega, and the itinerary goes through El Castro, Aveno, Ermita de la Virgen de Bienvenida, Puente de Recuna and Pola de Siero. From Siero, he continues through El Berrón, Fonciello, Meres Palace, San Pedro de Granda, Colloto, Cerdeño district and Oviedo. Between Vega de Sariego and Oviedo median 27 kilometers.

Towards Gijón, we continue ahead of the Camino de la Costa. In one kilometer we reached Grases de Abajo and in another we reached Niévares, already by the VV-9. Thus begin more than three kilometers of hard climb on the slopes and road, saving more than 300 meters of slope, leading to the Alto de la Cruz. You have to take the ascension calmly because some sections are really hard. From the high, overlooking the Peón Valley, you have to go down the road to this town. There's a left hand path that snaps, though it's probably not very careful.

In Peón we went next to the church of Santiago, a popular construction restored in 1929. The day continues on the floor of the AS-331, although in a few hundred meters we changed it to the roads and slopes that go up to the top of the Curbiello, second and last of the stage, which we crowned again with the AS-331. From there everything is descent to the city of Gijón, which we already discern. On the downhill of Curbiello we left the provincial road on a road that goes to the right. Later, we will pass above the highway and with this game road - road we will continue to the campsite of Deva, where the hostel of pilgrims is located. Since June 2012 the Campsite has a bus connection that leads to the Centre. By residential area we will reach Cabueñes, the antesala of a Gijón to which we will access by the Piles River.

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