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Stage 27

Stage from Ribadeo to Lourenzá

km 29,5
Time 07H 20’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 5
Available without an Internet connection

The most rural Lugo awaits the pilgrim. Precaution at departure from Ribadeo

Information about the stage 27: Stage from Ribadeo to Lourenzá

Profile: Stage from Ribadeo to Lourenzá

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Points of interest in the stage 27: Stage from Ribadeo to Lourenzá

  • 7 Albergue de peregrinos de Lourenzá
  • 6 San Salvador de Lourenzá
  • 5 Albergue de peregrinos de Gondán
  • 4 A Ponte de Arante
  • 3 Albergue de peregrinos de Ribadeo
  • 2 Torre de los Moreno
  • 1 Marina and Puente de los Santos

The route

Attention because in Galicia, unlike in Asturias, we must take care of the most open part of the vieira to continue in the right direction. In turn, the pillars will show us the remaining distance to Santiago, which will be another revulsion to reach our goal.

After leaving Ribadeo for the rustic San Lázaro next to the football field, the day continues along local roads and roads, mostly towards Pastoriza de Obe and Vilela, with bar-restaurant and hostel of pilgrims (Km 7). About 20 minutes is now Vilar, where a forest track is taken to A Ponte de Arante . This track is better not to choose it during rainy season as it floods easily. In that case, the wisest thing is to go to the LU-133 and pass St. Vincent until you reach the path down to A Ponte de Arante (Km 11.5).

At A Ponte this starts the first ascent of the day, something hard at the beginning but that soon returns its height. On the high we access the Council of Barreiros and descend to Villamartín Menor (Km 17). We left the rural core at the Cairn point of 177,453 kilometers to Santiago. We climbed by paved runway to Villamartín Grande (Km 18.5), where there is a Pilgrim Support Point (see observations) and after crossing a regional road we headed towards Gondán, a town with pilgrim hostel (Km 22).

On neighborhood slopes, passing through a couple of villages, we go down to San Xusto, with bar and hostel of 14 (Km 25). Until Lourenzá subtracts about an hour, which will take us through a mass of eucalyptus Mount Calvary and then down to the core. For a ramp with handrails, quite slippery if it has rained, and the Ponte da Pedra of medieval origin, we enter Vilanova de Lourenzá (Km 29,5).

The difficulties


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The hostels

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