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Stage 31

Stage from Baamonde to Sobrado dos Monxes

km 41,3
Time 10H 15’
Difficulty High
Hostels 10
Available without an Internet connection

Penultimate and long stage of the road with more than 40 kilometers

Information about the stage 31: Stage from Baamonde to Sobrado dos Monxes

Profile: Stage from Baamonde to Sobrado dos Monxes

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Points of interest in the stage 31: Stage from Baamonde to Sobrado dos Monxes

  • 6 Albergue de peregrinos de Sobrado dos Monxes
  • 5 Monasterio de Santa María de Sobrado dos Monxes
  • 4 Albergue San Martín - CSJ Refugio de Peregrinos - Miraz
  • 3 Chapel of San Alberte
  • 2 Albergue de peregrinos de Baamonde
  • 1 Church of Santiago

The route

  • Km 0. Baamonde (All services)

We dismissed Baamonde on the N-VI, mythical road that connects Madrid with A Coruña, and we followed it for about three kilometers in the direction of the Galician capital. The route passes parallel to the railway line and the Parga River, the Miño basin and the Ladra river. After the kilometer 532 of the Nacional and taking care of the height of the 99.805 kilometers to Santiago, we left the asphalt and crossed the roads and the gothic bridge over the Parga. A trail leads to the nearby Chapel of San Alberte, Gothic of the 14th century, or the 18th century as others point out, and framed by a gloomy wooded setting. Next to the chapel there is also a capricious fountain (Km 3.5). In this same place is born a wide path not very long but that saves a nice level and dies at the height of O Rego da Viña, the first of the villages of San Breixo de Parga, of the Concello de Gutiriz. The route turns right and reaches the village of Baldoncel, also of San Breixo.

  • Km 5.5. Baldoncel

At the entrance of this population we turn left to take a paved runway that we will continue without diverting to the village of Caínzos. At the exit of Caínzos we take a path between forest to Digañe, village of the parish of Santa Locaia (Leocadia) of Parga (Km 8). The trail continues to Raposeira and we cross the town to take another path that leads back to the track. Several wooden signs will announce the proximity of the Pilgrim Support Point installed by María Helena Pais Lojo. It is located in the village of Carballedo, on the right hand and about 100 meters from the Camino, right on the Cairn that indicates the 93.468 to Santiago. The initiative was supported by the Concello de Guitiriz and pilgrims have free Internet access, stamping credentials and general information. There is also coffee, soft drinks and snacks and those carrying a tent have an area to install it. In addition, in May 2015, Helena opened a 9-seater hostel at the same point).

  • Km 9.7. Carballedo (Hostel. Bar, Pilgrim Support Point)

The day continues on the trail towards the rest area of Seixón and later, after the river Lavandeira to the parish of San Paio de Seixón, belonging to the Concello de Friol (Km 12). Its Romanesque church is located on the left of the Camino, at the height of the diversion that, by road, leads us to pass through Subcampo and A Laguna, places of the parish of Seixón. In the latter is the hostel A Lagoa, with bar and shop.

  • Km 13.5. A Laguna (Hostel. Bar-shop)

We left the provincial road and turn left to advance to Miraz, parish of Friol, with hostel managed by the Confraternity of Saint James and a bar-shop. The hostel is on the left hand side of the itinerary. From here the profile of the stage will grind up gently for about 17 kilometers to the limit between Lugo and A Coruña.

  • Miraz (Hostel. Bar)

The day of Filípides leaves Santiago de Miraz on the runway and runs through the places of Outeiro and As Laxes.

  • Km 15.8. As Laxes (Hostel. Bar)

Four hundred meters later we turn left to take a road that for about 4 kilometers transits through a solitary and open area populated with pines, tojos and brews. This single-market segment in progression about a hundred meters of slope and finally ends on a track where we turn left. On one side we left A Braña, from the parish of San Pedro de Anafreita and Concello de Friol, and later we ended up on the road after the streams of Anafreita and Portolamas. We surpassed the high of Mámoa (Km 21.8) and by asphalt left aside Carballoso continuing to A Roxica. Another point with hostel commanded by Elena and where to replenish forces with a soda or coffee.

  • Km 25.6. A Roxica (Bar. Hostel)

Then until A Cabana to climb to A Travesa, villages, all of them, from the parish of San Mamede of Nodar.Six hundred later from
A Travesa is A Marcela, corresponding to the parish of Santa Maria de Silvela and where is the bar ruled by Estrella.

  • A Marcela (Bar)

On the descent we reach the diversion to Corteporcos (Km 29,4), which we take to cross the village. At the exit, a road crosses Mount Pallota, leaving O Espiño to the left hand, and converges with Road LU-934. We follow it on the right, reaching the highest level of the Camino del Norte and crossing the Lugo limit to enter the province of A Coruña, where the road is called AC-934. We pass by the road Marco das Pías, the first town in Coruñesa, the birthplace of the river Mandeo and already linked to the Concello de Sobrado dos Monxes (Km 32.5).

Between kilometric points 6 and 5 we visited Vilariño and Mesón, and in this population, at the height of a bar, we left the road on the right (Km 35.4).

  • Km 35.4. Mesón (Bar)

We continue along the trail to Esgueva and at the end of the village we tackle a trail that leads to the height of Muradelo (Km 36.6). In this last section, the official signals are scarce and it is easy to err, as old yellow arrows coexist with the Xunta's jones and do not always point the same direction. In Umbria we descend to the AC-934 and follow it to cross Guitiza and reach the Laguna de Sobrado (Km 40).

After the lake we leave the asphalt on the left and pass Porcarizas and Carreira to finally reach the Monastery of Santa María de Sobrado dos Monxes, where the pilgrim hostel is conditioned (Km 41.3). Also, since 2013, this town has a private hostel.

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