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Stage 19

San Esteban from Leces to Sebrayo

km 27,8
Time 07H 15’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 6
Available without an Internet connection

Stage without major difficulties. Take advantage to rest!

Information about the stage 19: San Esteban from Leces to Sebrayo

Profile: San Esteban from Leces to Sebrayo

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Points of interest in the stage 19: San Esteban from Leces to Sebrayo

  • 5 Albergue de Sebrayo
  • 4 San Salvador de Priesca
  • 3 Albergue de peregrinos La Isla
  • 2 Arenal de Morís
  • 1 Albergue de peregrinos de San Esteban de Leces

The route

We started by going back the distance walked the previous day until we reached the height of the cairn, where we turned left. A paved road named El Calerón descends to Vega, a beautiful village by the sea.

At the entrance we will pass by the Chapel of Santa Maria Magdalena and we will go down to the beach to cross the Acebo Regate by a bridge.A left hand road, seized much of the year, goes up the hillside of Mount Cueto towards Berbes. In the climb you have to pass a fence and go to the N-632 to take a path that leads to this town.

After Berbes we will cross the national again and down a narrow path with abundant vegetation. This section is alternating between road, which is turning around, and roads, for which we are tackling. Again we go to the road and through a false plain we pass the stream of the Régula. We enter the Council of Caravia and on the right hand rises a track that shortly goes down between eucalyptus and ferns to the Arenal de Morís. They start a few kilometers of great beauty as we walk along the hillside of the mountain by the sea.

We will pass through Playa de la Beciella, where the river of the Romers will die and where there was a hospital of pilgrims. We will reach the Playa de la Espasa and before crossing the river of the same name we will see the ruins of a sale that was also old stop for the walkers. We say goodbye to Caravia to enter the Colunga Council and from here it is best to continue some more than a kilometer along the N-632 to The Island. A cairn reminds us that this town has a hostel.

If we are not going to stay here, it is best to continue without further complications and to advance by road three and a half kilometres further to the centre of Colunga. It is not the official route, which goes down roads taking it to the left at the height of the hotel monte and mar shortly after crossing AS-260 and entering Colunga. A matter of taste. The arrival in Colunga, having travelled more than half the stage, deserves a rest. The capital of the Council is abandoned on the road by taking the diversion from the A-258 to Infiesto by left hand.

Following it we take the diversion from CL-1 to Pernús. We will walk under the bridge of the A-8 highway and climb to leave the Beldreu farmhouse to our left and descend to Pernús, passing by the church of St. Peter. In short, the road picks up for a kilometer and a half. This is the distance that separates us from La Llera and its church in San Antolín. We continue to Priesca, something later, where another church awaits us. In this case the one in San Salvador, the later of the Asturian prerogative churches.

To the right of the church is a path through which we go down to La Vega. From an altitude of 140 meters we go down to 32 in just one kilometer. Along the left bank of the river we reached Sebrayo and the old schools, which became a pilgrimage hostel in 1998. It opens from March 1 to November 31 and is managed by Sonia, a very friendly neighbor who lives in number 7.

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The hostels

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