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Stage 10

Sto stage. Sunday of the Road to Belorian

km 22,7
Time 05H 00’
Difficulty Low
Hostels 16
Available without an Internet connection

A French route that will take several weeks along the Castilian plateau

Information about the stage 10: Sto stage. Sunday of the Road to Belorian

Profile: Sto stage. Sunday of the Road to Belorian

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Points of interest in the stage 10: Sto stage. Sunday of the Road to Belorian

  • 6 Albergue de peregrinos Caminante
  • 5 Albergue Cuatro Cantones
  • 4 Refugio Parroquial de Belorado
  • 3 Albergue A Santiago
  • 2 Casa de la Cofradía del Santo
  • 1 Albergue de la Abadía Cisterciense Nuestra Sra. de la Anunciación

The route

  • Km 0. Santo Domingo de la Calzada (All Services)

A good juice, a coffee and the varied pastries of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, with its famous hangars, allow us to face with guarantees the last kilometers of the Camino in La Rioja and the first of Castilla. The streets Mayor and Palomarejos River are next to the chapel of the early 20th century that gives access to the bridge over the Oja River, almost 150 meters long and supported by 16 arches. Only the enclave remains of the primitive Vado built by Santo Domingo today, since its current structure is mediated from the
eighteenth and twentieth centuries. After crossing, we diverted by track to cross the LR-201. Six hundred meters later we do the same with a branch of the N-120(Km

We continue parallel to the National Road for several kilometers until we turn left and head to Grañón, the last town in Riojano. If we go to the hostel located next to the hermitage of Carrasquedo we will have to take a detour before reaching Grañón! Shops
and bars are swirled around Calle Mayor. Here, in number 16, Ernesto Díaz welcomes pilgrims in his house (see section observations). The parish hostel is in the church of San Juan Bautista

  • Km 6.8. Grañón (Hostel. Bars. Store. Pharmacy. Office. Cashier. Hostel also next to the chapel of Carrasquedo.)

At the exit of Grañón we find again the clues of land concentration that the cereal grows, relieved in its planned monotony by the rows of chopsticks that grow along rivers and streams. Two kilometers later, a spied information panel welcomes Castilla y León, Community that will accompany us during the next two weeks (Km
8.8). We are already in the province of Burgos and, before standing in Galicia, we will still pass through Palencia and León. From the panel you can see Redecilla del Camino, the first Spanish town to which we arrived after passing a long line and crossing the N-120.

  • Km 10.7. Redecilla del Camino (Hostel. Bar. Store)

At the entrance of the town there is a jurisdictional roll and a tourist office where they offer ample information of the Camino de Santiago as it passes through Castilla y León. On Calle Mayor, the parish church of the Virgen de la Calle grabs an interesting baptismal stack of the 12th century. At the exit of Redecilla we crossed the N-120 again and then over the Relax River, on the way of the following locality:

  • Km 12.4. Castildelgado (Hostel. Hostel. Bar. Store)

We approach it through El Cristo Street and Calle Mayor to Plaza Mayor, where are the church of San Pedro and the baroque chapel of Santa María del Campo). We left Castildelgado on the street Camino de la Cuesta and by track parallel to the National and asphalt we arrived to Vitoria de Rioja, where towards the year 1020Santo
Domingo de la Calzada was born.

  • Km 14.3. Viloria de Rioja (Hostels)

We put dirt through the middle until we link to the incombustible track attached to the National Highway (Km 15,5). Through it we continue until Villamayor del Río. At the entrance there is a small park and a rest area where to replace calories for the final stage.

  • Km 17.8. Villamayor del Río (Hostel. Bar)

We went down Real Street and took the track again to move from a pull to the center of Belorad.

  • Km 22.7. (All Services)

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