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Stage 24

Stage from Villafranca del Bierzo to O Cebreiro

km 28,4
Time 07H 30’
Difficulty High
Hostels 26
Available without an Internet connection

León is abandoned to enter Galicia by the parish of O Cebreiro

Information about the stage 24: Stage from Villafranca del Bierzo to O Cebreiro

Profile: Stage from Villafranca del Bierzo to O Cebreiro

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Points of interest in the stage 24: Stage from Villafranca del Bierzo to O Cebreiro

  • 6 Albergue do Brasil - El Roble
  • 5 Albergue Crispeta
  • 4 Albergue Parroquial de Trabadelo
  • 3 Albergue de la Piedra
  • 2 Refugio Ave Fénix de Familia Jato
  • 1 Albergue Municipal Villafranca del Bierzo

The route

  • Km 0. Villafranca del Bierzo (All Services)

After crossing the street of the Water-Ribadeo of Villafranca del Bierzo, we turn ninety degrees to the left by the slope of Zamora (arriving at Santa Catalina Street), we pass by the monument to the pilgrim, we cross the river Burbia (see section observations to learn about the alternative route of the mountain) and continue through the streets of Concepción and Espiritu Santo. By the latter we leave Villafranca and continue for a kilometer along the arcén of the road, which accompanies the course of the Valcarce River. In this way we reach a pedestrian lane, something similar to a bobsleigh runway and protected by a wall that does not reach the metro height, which advances fitted between the highway A-6 and the N-VI(Km 1,8).

Through this Pilgrim Redil we went under several viaducts of the A-6 (Km 4.1) before taking the diversion to Pereje, at the height of p.k 410 of the N-VI. We crossed with caution the national and the road of access, escorted by the chopsticks of the bank of Valcarce and by large chestnut trees, we reached the first town of the day: Peraxle

  • Km 5.2. Pereje (Hostel. Bar)

We cross the town - to the left exit is the hostel - to resume the pedestrian lane. One kilometer and six hundred meters later is the rest area of Trabadelo (Km 6,9) and one kilometer higher we cross the N-VI again to take the diversion to this population. Once again flanked by the riverside forest of the Valcarce, with proud chestnut trees, we moved to Trabadelo, with the necessary infrastructure to stop on the Camino.

  • Km 9.7. Trabadelo (Hostels. Bar. Store. Pharmacy)

We left the population, leaving to the right the diversion to Pradela and Sotelo, and this time we did not return immediately to our bobsleigh runway, but we walked about a kilometer and a half on a paved runway, above the national one. Overcome a stream that feeds the Valcarce River (Km 10.5) we return to the reunion of the pedestrian lane, on the edge of the N-VI. One kilometer and seven hundred meters more of tedious rail we are in La Portela de Valcarce, also with some service.

  • Km 13.7. La Portela de Valcarce (Hostel. Bars. Basic store. ATM)

After La Portela, barely 300 meters traveled in the company of the N-VI, we took the diversion to Ambasmestas and Vega de Valcarce. First we arrived at Ambasmestas, confluence of the Balboa and Valcarce rivers.

  • Km 14.9. Ambasmestas (Hostel. Bars. Store)

In early 2017, Yaneth Gómez opened at the exit of Ambasmestas the Colamed El Barullo, a cafeteria with a small supermarket. Afterwards we entered Vega de Valcarce, a service population of the valley with its church of la Magdalena.

  • Km 16.5. Vega de Valcarce (All Services)

We are now heading to Ruitelan. At this stage we have only gained 171 metres of altitude. The base of the port is nearby.

  • Km 18.6. Ruitelán (Hostel. Bars)

At the exit of Ruitelán the slope worsens a little, only a small snack of what will come next. Something higher up, on the left, we take the detour that goes down to The Smiths. Before we reach this small core, we cross the Valcarce River through a stone bridge.

  • Km 20.1. Las Herrerías (Hostels. Store. Bars)

We cross the village to the Hospital district (Km 20,8), a continuation of the previous nucleus that takes its name from the old hospital for English pilgrims. Leaving this set of houses begins the real ascension to O Cebreiro.

A hard repecho by asphalt, as it came out of nowhere, of almost a kilometer invites us to put forward the strategy, which will be to slow down, shorten the steps and tone the breath. Under these circumstances, the weight of the backpack plays a determining role. In full climb, walkers must take the path that is born to the left of the paved runway. Cyclists must continue forward by asphalt (Km 22).

On the path, the slope gives us a short respite until it crosses the Refoxo stream and catches us again by a bleak road that ascends steadily under the canopy of oak and oak leaves. This setting brings us closer to La Faba -at the entrance there is a diversion to the hostel. In the village there is a bar and a shop with everything needed to recover lost forces.

  • Km 23,5. La Faba (Hostels. Bar. Store)

After La Faba, we progressively abandoned the threshold to go out to an open grassland area overlooking the Atlantic forests. The large panoramic views influence the perception of the slope, which becomes milder until reaching the last village of León on the Camino de Santiago Francés: Laguna de Castilla.

  • Km 25.9. Laguna de Castilla (Hostel and Bar)

About 700 meters above, the first Jacobean cairn appears with distance signs. It is 152.5 and bears the inscription Os Santos (from Teso dos Santos). Four hundred meters later the Camino departs from León, the province with more kilometers of the French Way: no less than 214.4. Finally, let us take Galicia and, in particular, Lugo. The queen stage is about to conclude (Km 27). Fatigued, we solved the last kilometer to the prerogative church of Santa Maria la Real, which welcomes O Cebreiro. The pilgrim hostel, the first of the Xunta de Galicia, is located at the other end of this lucense parish.

  • Km 28.4. O Cebreiro (Hostel. Rural Houses and Pensions. Bars. Store)

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