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Stage 28

Portomarín Stage to Palas de Rei

km 25,0
Time 05H 45’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 21
Available without an Internet connection

After the first part the road gets tougher

Information about the stage 28: Portomarín Stage to Palas de Rei

Profile: Portomarín Stage to Palas de Rei

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Points of interest in the stage 28: Portomarín Stage to Palas de Rei

  • 15 Mesón de Benito Hostel
  • 14 Hostel Buen Camino
  • 13 Palas de Rei Hostel
  • 12 Hostel Fuente del Peregrino
  • 11 Hostel of pilgrims School of Ligonde
  • 10 Hostel O Cruceiro
  • 9 Casa Molar Hostel
  • 8 Private hostel Casa García
  • 7 Hostel in Gonzar
  • 6 Hostel Manuel
  • 5 Hostel Ultreia (Portome)
  • 4 El Caminante Hostel
  • 3 El Caminante Hostel
  • 2 Hostel Ferramenteiro
  • 1 Portome Hostel

The route

  • Km 0. (All Services)

We go back from the public hostel to the nearby church of St. Nicholas and we go forward to the avenue of Chantada, which ends up on the same road. Before it crossed the metal catwalk that saves the Rego das Torres, but it is closed. It is now overtaken by the road bridge, well signposted. Over this one we left the asphalt on the right, next to a few houses, and continued along the skirt of Mount San Antonio (Km 1). We go up about a kilometer and we start to land between pines and grasslands. The road goes down to the arcén of the LU-633 and passed the crossing to San Mamede and Velade we took an andadero stuck to the road. A few hundred meters later, at the height of a brick factory (Km 3), we crossed the road and continued along a similar andadero advancing right.

At the height of some fertilizer and fertilizer ships we cross the LU-633 again and progress on the left. Four hundred and fifty meters later we arrived at Toxibo (Mojón 85.5). A house and, later on, a sleek stone and wood herd, decorated with a rosette and finished with pinnacle and cross, is the entire visit (Km 4.8).

Although we are still walking very close to the road, several pine spots isolate us from it during a small stretch. Back next to the asphalt we had a merendero (Km 7,3) and pulled to the nearby parish of Gonzar. The church of Santa Maria and the population nucleus are left.

  • Km 8. Gonzar (Hostels. Bar)

We pass by the bar and the public hostel and soon turn left to take a runway that goes up to Castromaior, also parish of the Concello de Portome with Romanesque church of the end of the 12th and a nearby prerevolutionary castro.

  • Km 9.3. Castromaior (Bar. Pension)

From Castromaior we face a demanding climb of 700 meters, where the optional diversion to the castro prermano is indicated to the left, from which you can return to the Camino without going back. We ascended to another andadero parallel to the LU-633 (Km 10). We still cross the road a couple of times until we reach Hospital da Cruz, village of the parish of San Mamede de O Río, also of Portome.

  • Km 11.8. Hospital da Cruz (Hostel. Bar)

We carefully crossed the N-540 and took the C-535 in the Sales direction. This is a modest road with a compact arcén that we will travel over the next 10 kilometers to the N-547 link in A Brea. The next population we visited is Sales of Narón


  • Km 13.3. Sales of Narón (Hostels. Bar)

At the exit there is a small chapel rehabilitated in 2004. Half a kilometer, in a gentle ascent through the arcén, we reached the Cairn 76.5, which announces the Sierra de Ligonde. The sierra de Ligonde divides the basins of the Miño and Ulla rivers (Km 13,8). We now enjoy a good downhill section. Kilometer and a half later we left aside the village of Previsa, the first of the Concello de Monterroso (Km 15,3)

Half a kilometer below, on the right hand, is Os Lameiros, with the pazo and the chapel of San Marcos. Two hundred meters, next to the Camino, the famous cruise of Lameiros rises. It is double-sided and was placed in 1670. On one side the image of Christ is represented and on the other the Virgin of Pains. At the base we can distinguish tendencies, a crown of thorns and a skull, referring to the calvary of Jesus (Km 16).

We immediately reached Ligonde, passing by the cross that points to the place of an old pilgrim cemetery. To this point the pilgrims come to pick up the owners of the hostel Nirvana Lodge, opened in summer 2013 and located a few kilometers from the Camino in the place of Novelúa (see observations). Also next to the Casa de Carneiro, which had as illustrious guests Carlos V, in March 1520 when traveling to be crowned emperor, and Felipe II, in May 1554 on the way to La Coruña to marry María Tudor.

  • Km 16.5. Ligonde (Hostels. Bar)

At the exit of Ligonde, next to the municipal hostel, we take a path that goes down a wall to the bridge over the river Airexe (Km 17). We go back to Airexe (Km 17.4). On the left hand side, something apart, is the church of Santiago, with a neoclassical bill and the Romanesque cover of its predecessor.

  • Km 17.4. Airexe (Hostel. Bar)

We move through the arcén and continue forward after crossing the LU-3301 (Km 18,5). Then we reached the village of Portos, already of the Concello de Palas de Rei.

  • Km 19.4. Portos (Lodge-Bar)

Soon there is the diversion to Vilar de Donas. Then we arrived at the parish of Santiago de Lestedo.

  • Km 20. Lestedo (Lodge-Bar. Country House)

We climbed to the village of Os Valos (Km 20,9) to go down to A Mamurria (Km 21,5). Then comes A Brea (Km 22), where we left the paved runway - road to transit parallel to the N-547. Next to it are first Avenostre (Km 22.4) and then O Rosario, where the pilgrims prayed a rosary in the sight of Mount Sacro. On his slopes, the disciples of the Apostle James dozed the Braves who carried the body of the saint (Km 23,4).

Half a kilometer later we reached the recreational area Os Chacotes, where is the public hostel of the same name (Km 23.9). A few more meters and we arrived at Palas de Rei. We enter the rua do Cruceiro, visit the church of San Tirso and go down the stairway to the very center of Concello, where the other hostels are located.

  • Km 25. Palas de Rei (All Services)

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