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Stage 4

Step from Betanzos to Bruma Hospital

km 28,3
Time 06H 00’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 3
Available without an Internet connection

Roller coaster and demanding route between San Paio de Vilacoba and A Malata

Information about the stage 4: Step from Betanzos to Bruma Hospital

Profile: Step from Betanzos to Bruma Hospital

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The route

  • Km 0. Betanzos(All services)

Again through the rustic do Castro we return our steps towards the animotic plaza of the Hermanos García Naveira, passing before next to the Casa del Concello. We pass through the front plaza but through the right margin, leaving the statue of the Naveira to the left, and we pass by the Tourist Office. The rustic do Rollo leads in a straight line and without loss to the old bridge of As Cascas, on the river Mendo. It consists of a single arch and, although already mentioned in the 13th century, it was rebuilt in the first half of the 19th century (Km 1).

We cross the Mendo and, after crossing the AC-840 front, turn 90º to the left in the rustic da Cascas. We climbed a good part of the paved trail between palm trees, lemon trees and fig trees and crossed the bridge over the railway, near the places of O Terreo and O Farragoto, of the Brigantine parish of Santiago de Requián (Km 2,3). About 600 meters later we crossed another bridge, this time over the A-6, and after a couple of right-left turns we moved to the place of Xan Rozo .

  • Km 3.6. Xan Rozo

At the crossing we continue straight to the road of Vilacoba DP-0105. We follow it a few meters to the left and we take the first detour to the right, which takes us to the football field of Limiñón. We are already in the Concello de Abegondo and also with the first tranche of land of the day. We will no longer return to the landscape of rías and marshes. The English Way gets full into the Galician interior. The wooded road flows back onto the road, which we follow on the right to cross the River Mero. We left the street on the left and entered the parish of Cos. Passing by a gas regulatory station we reach the church of San Estevo de Cos, located in the place of A Igrexa.

  • Km 7.7. San Estevo de Cos

After the church we turn right and go back to the road, which we follow to the left. "The new official route of the Xunta de Galicia indicates to continue along this road to Presedo, this route is dangerous and to a certain extent unjustifiable because only the old route that goes along unfrequented and sliding roads is shortened by 600 meters, which we recommend and we begin to describe later, although it must be taken into account that the signs may be scarce and somewhat deteriorated over the years without maintenance". At 150 meters from entering the road we left the asphalt on the right to go through a house of O Carballal. The AC-0106 comes in and we throw a few meters left to get back on track. The posterior corredoira is appreciated, with a passage over the included stream, which flows, of course, into another paved path. Introduce us to the parish of Santiago de Meangos and between crossing and crossing we visit the places of O Souto and Cima de Vila Km 9.5) (on the right, over the altozano, we can see the church of Santiago).

We left Cima de Vila on the left and after many bifurcations through these rural slopes we went down to the beginning of the parish of Presedo. It coincides with the beginning of a herbose section and the appearance of the old Camino Real, which brings freshness after such a runway. Another later asphalt section places us on the DP-0105, where we cross the bridge over the rego do Fontao (Km 11,8).

Two hundred meters later we leave the road on a road that emerges on the left hand (if we continue 450 meters by the road we arrive at Presedo, where is the municipal hostel of pilgrims.

  • Presedo(Bar-Meson at the foot of the Camino. Hostel 450 meters from itinerary)

The Mesón Museo Xente no Camiño is at the foot of the itinerary, without the need to deviate. Between roads and rural slopes, without losing sight of the signs in the meantime, we pass through the last places of the parish of Presedo, such as A Agra, and enter the one of Leiro, where we know his church of Santa Eulalia.

  • Km 14.4. Santa Eulalia de Leiro
  • At this point the layout has been changed by the Xunta and is no longer passed by either Vilacoba or Casa Julia. In front of the church where there is a bus canopy we turn right towards the road DP-0105 that we take to the left after about 200 meters turn right by a dirt track that will take us all straight to the Beche reservoir where there is a recreational area and a restaurant bar. We reached a Stop where we turned left and passed under the AP-9 Highway to shortly afterwards reach the first houses of O Vao.
  • Km 16.4 O Vao.
  • As soon as we cross below the freeway we go straight and take to the right to enter into the nucleus of houses of O Vao, as we pass through a farm with a hórreo we have to take a path to the right of land and rise that will take us a kilometer to a sheds that when we pass them we will turn left to shortly then turn right and then left again. We continue to climb up to the top point of this road and end up on a local paved road that we will take to the right to reach the junction with the AC-542 in 200 meters. At this point we are joined by pilgrims who come from A Coruña. We turn left by the arcén of the AC-542 very carefully because it carries traffic and soon after we arrive at the bar Casa Avelina in As Travesas.
  • Km 22.3. As Travesas.
  • From here we continue on a land road recently opened by the Xunta that goes parallel to the AC-542 through an electric substation and an abandoned gas station where we will take to the left a road that in a kilometer will take us to Hospital de Bruma where the pilgrims' hostel is located.

The parish of Bruma is administratively owned by the Concello de Mesía but is nestled as an island in Ordes. The pilgrim hostel of the Xunta, the first one that was built on the English Way, is built on the site of the old Pilgrim Hospital, founded around 1140 and annexed in May 1175 to the cathedral of Santiago .

  • Km 24.8. Bruma Hospital(Hostel. Bar-Restaurant)

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