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Stage 5

Stage from Bruma Hospital to Sigüeiro

km 24,8
Time 06H 00’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 3
Available without an Internet connection

Completing the final line takes almost an hour, it's the hardest point.

Information about the stage 5: Stage from Bruma Hospital to Sigüeiro

Profile: Stage from Bruma Hospital to Sigüeiro

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The route


  • Km 0. Bruma Hospital(Hostel)

Assimilated the effort of the previous stages, with the gap already gained in the pockets, today we have to enjoy a comfortable day, devoid of the natural obstacles that would emerge from the Ártabras rías. Leaving the hostel, we go to the right, stopping by the modest chapel of San Lorenzo. The first part of the stage will be done by this neighborhood truck with little traffic, although the passing vehicles usually do not respect the speed. After Bruma Hospital we immediately access the Concello de Ordes, crossing first the place of O Seixo, of the parish of San Pedro de Ardemil. We always go forward, passing the rego of Adran, to the place of Cabeza de Lobo, where the church of San Pedro is located (Km 3).

  • Km 3. Wolf's head

In short, we will find a series of sculptures by some local artist: for example a Santiago and another one of a fun plesiosaurus uploaded to the heights, which we can already baptize with the name Nessie. The English Way continues to visit much of the places of Ardemil, they go out to step A Carreira, As Mámoas – whose toponym refers to the presence of some funeral tumulus -, A Fraga and O Porto (Km 5.1) , where we descend the vaguada that runs through the stream to A Carballeira. At the exit we take a road between the pine grove that leaves to the place of Os Ramos, where we go to the territory of the parish of San Paio de Buscás. We left on the right to the neighborhood road reaching the place of A Rúa, On the left we found the first bar, (closes on Monday afternoon) and then the church of San Paio San Pelayo, with Romanesque elements. This saint was martyred in Córdoba at only 14 years old, hence the agonizing size of the saint we can see on the outside of the ship.

  • Km 7.1. A Rúa(Bars. Country House)

After the church there is another bar on the right hand, after which we leave A Rúa. We go down slightly to the place of Vilariño and about 250 meters later leave the asphalt on the left. We saved a channel through the Ponte do Cube and at 70 meters, attention to the diversion, turn right. For a herbose section, which usually accumulates mud easily, we climb up to a track that saves below the AC-224. After the crossing we reached the place of Outeiro, of the parish of San Xulián de Poulo. Just before the rural house Antón Veiras, also with bar, we turn left to immerse ourselves in a tunnel of laurels.

  • Outeiro(Bar. Hostel of pilgrims, Rustic House)

Later, surrounding several meadows and crops, we reached another paved track to cross the places of Blanca and A Senra (Km 11) . In 10 minutes we get to the place order A Calle, where there is another bar, although it usually opens in mid-morning. Just before the bar we can see in the dintel of Casa Maldonado the inscription that testifies to the passage and overnight of King Philip II in this village in 1554. It feels pretty bad because it's in the shade under a garage, so using the flashlight on your mobile or the front light and directing the light laterally, you can see the letters in detail.

  • Km 11.8. Street(Bar)

Leaving A Calle we crossed with caution the DP-3802 and then passed the place of Carballo, of the parish of Santa Olalla of Pereira. A kilometer later, at the place of Casanova, we left the track to take a left hand path. Paying special attention to the crossings in this section, we went to another forklift over the medieval bridge and Pereira, which we followed on the left. The one-eye bridge is barely visible – it is in terrible asphalt under the road bridge – but it is noticeable (Km 14,5). Two hundred meters after the bridge we take the track of the right and several crosses after passing a stream, there is the place of Os Carrás, of the parish of Santa Cruz de Montaos. We cross the track and pull in front of a leafy, deep road that leads to another track, also nice and shaded spaces that invite a few minutes of rest. After crossing another paved runway, they are innumerable, as much as the places!, we arrive at Baxoia, place of the parish of Santa María de Deixebre. We are in the first place of the Concello de Oroso, the penultimate that we will pass through on the English Way.

  • Km 17.4. Baxoia

After crossing a rural road we went under the AP-9 and 650 meters later turned right 90º. The last section of the stage begins, an endless line, with numerous slides, which advances parallel to the highway, although isolated from it by a line of trees that will bring us fitted for a long time. An hour later, less, we reached the industrial estate of Sigüeiro by a side (Km 22,8). We entered Sigüeiro through a wooded park and headed towards the Casa del Concello.

  • Km 24.8. Sigüeiro(All services)

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