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Catalan Way through San Juan de la Peña

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Stage 8

Monsoon to Berbegal stage

km 20,1
Time 04H 45’
Difficulty Medium
Hostels 1
Available without an Internet connection

Simple stage, except the last 700 meters of climb to Berbegal

Information about the stage 8: Monsoon to Berbegal stage

Profile: Monsoon to Berbegal stage

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Points of interest in the stage 8: Monsoon to Berbegal stage

  • 14 Mirador
  • 13 Roman road
  • 12 Terreu Canal
  • 11 Stone of the Witches
  • 10 Ermita de Santa Águeda
  • 9 Church of St. John the Baptist
  • 8 Arroyo del Camino Viejo
  • 7 Arroyo del Camino Viejo
  • 6 Barranco de la Clamor
  • 5 Church of Santa Maria del Romeral
  • 4 Step on the tracks
  • 3 Río Cinca
  • 2 Santa Maria del Romeral
  • 1 Monzón Castle

The route

Important warning. In order to stay in the hostel in Berbegal it is necessary to notify the manager, Nela, on the phone 673 68 06 47, or the City Hall on the phone: 974 30 10 01 at least one day before arrival, better with more than one day in advance if possible. If you arrive at the weekend you must notify us at the latest on Friday.

We left Plaza Mayor on Calle Juan de Lanuza, next to a branch of Ibercaja, and crossed the bridge over the river Sosa, which poured its waters to the Cinca one kilometer later. After the San Francisco Hospital, documented in 1235 and almost demolished to create the auditorium and professional conservatory, we arrived at the Paseo de San Juan Bosco, coinciding with the national highway. We followed it to the left, passing by Los Salesians, and we left Monzón through the arcén of the N-240. We save the Cinca River and 400 meters later we leave the national by taking the lane that comes to our left that is marked on the road as "Los Sotos del Cinca". Then we turn right and pass under the train tracks. When we reach an abandoned crane, which was later a metallurgical company, we turn left, pay attention here because it can be embarked, and we take the old road of Selgua (Km 2,3).

The first leg is slightly up and then we plains through the tracks. As soon as we pass them, we turn ninety degrees to the left and run parallel to a fence about 150 meters. Then we turn right and continue the route between business ships and a good assortment of high-voltage towers that are usually plagued by storks. The road, the real canopy from Ilche to Monzón, presents for a short stretch an uncrisp trace but security is full, always the front road. We entered Selgua on Camino Monzón Street and arrived next to the church of Santa Maria del Romeral, a neoclassical temple whose main image was destroyed in the Civil War (Km 6,8).

We turn right next to the bar restaurant Selgua on Ugarte street and when we arrive next to house Forniés we follow the street of Romero on the left. We advance to Plaza Joaquín Costa, where the park of Ciar is located, and we continue on the right by Calle Arrabal. The street reverses on a road that moves us away from Selgua. At 180 meters we take a track that goes to the right and leads to another wider track. We follow it on the left for 400 meters and take us across the road to take a road. Very soon we crossed the Barranco de la Clamor, tributary of the river Alcanadre (Km 8.4).

As soon as we go through the ravine, see!, we don't go straight, we go right. Before we meet the main road, we turn left and quickly turn right. Now yes, right in front, we are still by the Old Way stream. Later on we say goodbye to the Middle Cinca and enter the Somontano region. The farewell sign reminds us that “only” we have 936 kilometers to Santiago. Mood (Km 11,1). Twenty minutes later we saved the stream, crossing also the Cañada Real de Barbastro to Terreu (Km 12,7). We went straight and finally got to the road, just up to Ilche. We enter the Somontana population and pass by the church of San Juan Bautista, 1734 (km 13.8). Next door there is a rich source and at the end of the street, that of San Cosme and San Damián, there is a social space with vending machines (see observations).

We left Ilche to return to the road A-1224, which we took to the right. If at the end of San Cosme and San Damian Street you see an arrow pointing towards an acequia, do not follow it, turn around and barely cut off the road section. We advanced 300 meters down the asphalt and left it on the left to continue, again, next to the stream of the Camino Viejo. "LOOK at this point because a pilgrim tells us that at the exit of Ilche the road is eaten by the weed and it becomes impossible to walk through it, and worsens with rain. You have to make sure before you leave Ilche asking about the state of this road. In the event of not being able to walk on the road would have to follow the road A-1223 to Berbegal, a total of six kilometers of extreme caution." During the rainy season, this section, among its headlines, can become an easily flooded area. We will see GR-45 marks, one of the paths that cross the Somontane lands from Bierge to Colungo. The Jacobean route, between scattered vineyards, transports us to the chapel of Santa Águeda. Next to it is a sandstone mole known as ‘Las Brujas stone’. The chapel, restored, is very simple, from the 12th century, probably built along the road that was Roman road. There is a fountain that flows when you want and a sink to take a break (Km 16,5).

The road, more than evident, leads us to the road, which we cross carefully. After the Terreu canal, irrigation canal of Alto Aragon that entered service in 1971 (km 18.4), we stepped on the trail of the old road. It is balized with stakes with the Camino Histórico logo and an informative panel. We crossed the A-1223 and then we went out to the road heading to La Perdiguera, followed by 90 meters on the right and then left to pass by the football field and so we approached the town. The slope is strong and we finally reach Berbegal through the twisted and paved path of the Meridian. Its name because the imaginary Meridian of Greenwich passes through this locality. On the right, next to the runway, there is a strategic viewpoint where the hostel of pilgrims is located, in the house Bergallo, To stay in the hostel of Berbegal it is necessary to notify the keeper, Nela, to the phone 673 68 06 47, or to the City Hall on the phone: 974 30 10 01 at least one day before arrival, better with more than one day in advance if possible. If you arrive at the weekend you must notify us at the latest on Friday. (km 20.1)

The difficulties


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