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Silver-Way Stage from Montemayor Baths to Fuenteroak de Salvatierra

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Puerto de Béjar Pilgrims Hostel

Available without an Internet connection

Colonia de la Estación, 1
Port of Béjar (Salamanca)

Hostel owner: Municipal

Institution or administration in charge of maintenance costs: Asociación de Amigos Vía de la Plata - Camino de Santiago de Puerto de Béjar

Person in charge of the hostel: Member of the Spanish Federation of Associations of the Camino de Santiago . Hospital Volunteers

Remarks: Attended by Hospital Volunteers. The place where the Hostel is located is a privileged geographic valle-enclave, where there are a wide number of natural, landscape, climatic, historical and cultural factors that make it credible to a series of very unique characteristics; which, in turn, justify a very significant condition of mountain and mountain tourism, granting the place a very positive assessment in its dimensions of Natural Heritage and Historical-Cultural Heritage. Contact email: peregrinospuertodebejar@gmail.com antolinsanchezgil@gmail.com

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