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The Three Best Films of the Camino

By M. Alejandro González flores | 02/04/2024

The Three Best Films of the Camino Image: Tima Miroshnichenko

That the road is fashionable is not new. It has been fashionable for many years, and that fashion gives to play many clubs: businesses around the needs of the pilgrim, books of all kinds (from guides of the road to personal anecdotes), companies that program everything, movies with more or less fame, with more or less budget and also with more or less pilgrim feeling.

And of the latter, of films, and more specifically of the pilgrim feeling is what this article is about.

Discarding the most blockbusters and the most popular ones, we will focus on those that any pilgrim who has made the way and who carries in the blood that Jacobin virus will be excited to see them. And to me, there are few, specifically three.

Just like a grand prize winner, we went straight to the third rated.


Coline Serreau

Three brothers from our neighbour find out about his mother's death. Among them, they hardly talk and lead very different lives. At the time of the reading of the will they realize that their mother leaves everything in equal parts in exchange for one thing, make the three together the road of Santiago walking from Le Puy to Saint Jean Pied de Port. If they manage to reach that village all three together, they will be able to access the heritage.

Along the way they meet a multitude of characters and everyday situations for any pilgrim who gradually changes their way of seeing each other and their relationship with other pilgrims.

Once in Saint Jean Pied de Port road to the train to return to Paris and collect the heritage, everything changes when one of them decides to continue to Santiago de Compostela, this time as a pilgrim. It is then that the Jacobin who already has it in his vein leads them to follow the path to the three together and this time without any obligation until the tomb of the apostle. Decision is crucial to straighten your personal lives and your sibling relationship.

No doubt this good mother knew what she did by leaving them with the best heritage: the road.




A young man, back in 1989, is grieved by the history of the Camino de Santiago and decides to travel it in its entirety.

In this film every pilgrim can be reflected. From the choice of shoes and backpack to the first sensations upon arrival to Roncesvalles to start the road.

After a few days of pilgrimage, he is surprised by the unexpected arrival of another German pilgrim who will accompany him in different sections of the road, appearing and disappearing as by magic and that once in Santiago our protagonist, “Achero Mañas”, will realize who is really that mysterious pilgrim.

Shot on the road of Santiago itself back in 1989 and with an exceptional soundtrack, one realizes what has changed the way since then and until today losing little by little that magic and that touch of adventure that is becoming more residual due to the overcrowding.

It certainly deserves second place in our particular ranking.

“Three on the Way”

Laurence Boulting

Shot in 2004, this documentary film narrates the pilgrimage of three royal pilgrims, a Dutch in winter, a Japanese in spring and a Brazilian in summer.

Three equal and at the same time so different pilgrimages due above all to the time of the year and the problems each pilgrim has to face.

It will certainly not leave anyone indifferent given its high burden of spirituality and Jacobean feeling.

It is virtually impossible for any pilgrim to watch this film and not feel like one is hanging his backpack on his shoulder.


There are many films about the Camino de Santiago, with better or worse luck, but there are few that excite anyone who has made the way. To me, these three.

Thank you for reading to the end and... very good road to everyone!

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