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The motivations of the pilgrim

By Pilgrims' Hostel in Tábara | 22/01/2020

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It is increasingly common for pilgrims who are going to do a long Camino to plan in advance the places where they want to coincide with the completion of some of the stages of their Camino.

Thanks to the Internet, today it is much easier than just a dozen years ago when we were following the few publications on the Camino, many times somewhat outdated. Now it is common that a large part of the guides that exist in the formats of new technologies, the update of each of the sites is almost daily and very rarely vary much from what we will find in the chosen place.

The motivations followed by pilgrims are very varied, some choose these places for the comfort of their facilities, others because they know that in those places they are going to meet with the essence of the hospitality they are looking for on the Camino, some, choose these places based on their possibilities or knowing that they are those places that are open all year, that
are not there to do business but to give a service to the pilgrims who arrive, although in

The different guides that the pilgrims follow in digital media are varied, but without a doubt, one of the most accepted in La Vía de la Plata – Camino Sanabrés, is the one that on Facebook has elaborated Antonio Retamosa, known as La Vía
de la Plata, the Camino Antonio is a Sevilano in love with this ancient Way that starts from his city and it is so necessary. She goes around with that calm of pilgrims who know how to enjoy each moment, because she draws from every minute everything she can bring.

It is always the last to finish each day, but as one Teacher of the pilgrimage said, it is of those old pilgrims who know to squeeze every moment, because he is aware that he is unique and will not repeat himself again. Meanwhile, he takes note of any changes that may exist in the information he makes available to the pilgrims, to keep it up to date at all times. In addition,
Antonio has thought that it is the pilgrims who can best talk about the places where they have been welcomed and they, who know the day to day of the hospital and the hostels, who can best give a recommendation about each of the places that the pilgrims will meet on their way.

After the end of 2019, the pilgrims have been placing their trust in some of these hostels and recommend them to those who will follow this guide and for the Municipal Hostel of Tábara, it is a satisfaction and an honor, having had a good part of these votes situating it as the preferred hostel and the one recommended by the pilgrims we have welcomed.

It is surprising that a small and humble hostel such as the one in Tábara, which has dignified but simple and very humble facilities, nothing to do with other more spectacular and eye-catching facilities, has been the most valued by pilgrims. It is also very significant that having welcomed less than half of the pilgrims (1,753), that other
more spacious hostels that give hospitality to more than 4,000 pilgrims, we have been in the

That the small town of Tábara thanks to its hostel has remained in the memory of many pilgrims, ahead of important cities of this
Camino (Seville, Cáceres, Salamanca, Zamora, Orense), it is still a reason for satisfaction and pride. Without a doubt, the pilgrims who walk this Camino that is born in Seville and leads them to Oak, they go looking for that essence of the hospitality to the purest

Thank you to all those who take us in the memory, and bear in mind that the energy some perceive in the hostel, in part is that which you left when you were welcomed. Keep in mind that we will continue in this line, because we do not know how to do it otherwise and although we knew, we could not do it in
a different way than we are doing.

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