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The Camino de Santiago video: from Burgos to Hontanas

By Pablo Guiroy, Camino Santiago | 21/07/2017

The Camino de Santiago video: from Burgos to Hontanas

The stage of the Camino de Santiago that runs between the city of Burgos and the town of Hontanas crosses historic arches, areas of rivers and sown and also areas of rest and several hostels where to sleep. In this video we discover the mysteries and give advice to enjoy the Camino de Santiago from Burgos to Hontanas.

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What is the Burgos to Hontanas stage like?

This stage emerges in Burgos. Then we leave the city of Cid by the arc of San Martin, old entrance of the walls. The farmland and the Arlanzon River accompany us to Rabé de las Calzada. And from there, we started the journey through the solitary and stony roads of the Castilian plateau.

After an hour and a half through these tracks, we see at the end of the Hornillos del Camino descent. A good idea then is to take lunch. Later on we will have the opportunity to divert minimally from the route to visit the San Bol stream, an oasis of water along the way.

At this point, we also find a hostel of pilgrims. The idea is to make a break in it to continue the last kilometers to Hontanas, a town that will suddenly appear with its Gothic church and several hostels where to spend the night.

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