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The Camino de Santiago in video: from Torres del Río to Logroño

By Pablo Guiroy, Camino Santiago | 05/05/2017

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This stage of the Camino de Santiago that runs between Torres del Río, in Navarra, and Logroño, in La Rioja, crosses vineyards and the waters of the Ebro River entering the capital of Riojana. In this video we say goodbye to Navarra and enter the land of wine.

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Stage of Torres del Río to Logroño: vineyards, river and wine

In this stage of the Camino de Santiago we cross the wine area of Tierra Estella in Navarra. We started the stage gently, but the road becomes a broken leg area later. In the distance we see the mountains of Ezcaray, in La Rioja.

Viana is the last town in Navarre on the Camino de Santiago, but as for wine it maintains its Designation of Origin Rioja. From it stands the Plaza de los Fueros.

We are on our way to Logroño. This is the ugliest part of the stage until we got to the city. At their gates, we are sealed with credential. We cross the Ebro River and stretch in the old area of the Riojana capital. We rested in the hostel and started the tour in the Plaza del Mercado and the church of Santa Maria la Redonda, with its two towers that will be copied in other churches of the Camino de Santiago.

We follow the visit in the church of Santiago and the Pilgrims' Fountain. We reached the walls of the city and the Torre de Revellín, old entrance to Logroño and where we will depart towards Nájera.

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