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Roads updated September 2022

By Eroski Consumer | 17/08/2022

Roads updated September 2022

This year 2022, the reopening of many establishments and the desire to travel accumulated, have allowed us to update the routes we show on this website.

Our collaborator Alex González is touring the routes first hand and we already have the following roads updated:

French Way - January 2022

French Road to Somport - April 2022

Basque Way - April 2022

Northern Way - May 2022

Primitive Way - July 2022

Portuguese Way - August 2022

English Way - August 2022

Silver Way - August 2022

Sanabrés way - August 2022

San Salvador way - August 2022

Baztan Way - August 2022

Epilogue to Fisterra – August 2022

Catalan Way through San Juan de la Peña - September 2022

We are also updating information from many hostels, adding new or removing those that are no longer active. This task will take us longer as we depend on information received from hostels, and that is that there are many! Your comments also provide us with information in this regard and are appreciated.

We would like to recall that, from the Guide to the Camino de Santiago Eroski Consumer, we are only trying to offer as practical information as possible and, thanks to the comments received from the pilgrims, we can verify and modify all the relevant information on foot of the road and day by day.

Thank you for following our website and we hope that the information we offer is useful.

We will continue to update the roads.

You keep commenting!

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